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Holding the Vision

Through the years, millions of people have listened to Mary Sutherland on BUFO Radio or
watched one of her many documentaries on BUFO Television.  
Millions more have enjoyed her web sites found at

Mary Sutherland is an experienced author and researcher dealing mainly with consciousness
studies, ancient sacred sites and lifeways as well as unusual geophysical phenomena. In academic
speak that translates to cognitive archaeology and transpersonal anthropology.  While making her
subject matter attractive and accessible to a general audience, her material always remains

Sutherland ‘holds a vision’ - a vision of ‘self-empowerment’ for the masses.
Realizing the importance of self-empowerment, she is determined to reach as many people
as possible.
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The Vision

The Masters of the Far East have compared our souls to a beautiful queen who has wandered
from her palace. Becoming lost and disorientated, her mind clouds to her real identity. Because
of this, the lost queen sheds her royal robes, dresses herself in rags and begins a new life for
herself as a pauper, begging for the meager crumbs of her own inheritance.

We have come to a point in our evolution that we ‘must’ awaken from this illusion and accept
our ‘Divine Inheritance’.  We are NOT paupers - But Kings and Queens . The Kingdom belongs to
us . Now is the time for us to  take back what is rightfully ours. If we continue to live in the
illusion, we may lose our Kingdom forever.

We have become  a people without an identity. Our history has been falsified to keep us from
knowing who and what we are.  

We are a people that have been de-sensitized - we are the ‘living dead’, programmed and
conditioned to see and feel what the 'power players' tell us, which is based on their 'own'
personal agendas.  

We have become nothing more than a commodity or slave for the ruling powers.

We have become fattened calves , dependent on these thieves to toss us the crumbs of  our
own  inheritance.  

Is this what you want for yourself?
Is this what you want for your children’s future?

Because of past conditioning and programing, many of you have succumbed to what the ‘powers
that be’ have convinced you is inevitable.
Unfortunately, while you sit back, feeling helpless to do anything, the ‘powers that be’ are
spinning out of control, causing human casualties by the millions, depleting our water and oxygen
supply and destroying planet earth.

It is time, that you see that these people are out of control .
It is time that we admit we made a mistake in allowing them to have this type of power over us.


Self Empowerment

The vision shown to  Mary Sutherland was that through Self Empowerment of the people , world
events can be changed.
Sutherland was shown that universal and galactic events can be changed by a simple thought.
“...Change the thought and change the world.”

The People ‘In the Know’ , such as Mary Sutherland, must work together and re-educate the
people on who they are.
They must educate the people of their divine gifts and teach them  how to use these gifts for
the good of humanity.

People need to be taught how to properly discern the spirit by listening to their Higher Self.
But first we must teach them how to listen to the Higher Self -

Although outside interpretation of spirit is necessary as a tool for us to use as validation, we need
to emphasize the importance of “listening to” and “believing in” our own thoughts.

The people in ‘the know’ must show the masses that  beauty and magic does still exist and that
the divine magic is available to them simply by wanting it to be so.

People NEED to Believe - but unfortunately, for most, they don’t know how.
Although we can not tell them what to believe in - we can give them knowledge based on truth .
From this knowledge they will find their own truths.
“...and in truth, thou shall be set free.”

Mary Sutherland’s Vision is a vision of hope ..It is a vision to be shared with all those that have
the eyes to see and the ears to hear. It is a vision that is not to be put on a back burner but
shared with the people now.

She was told of the dangerous times we live in - but that it was also a time of great opportunity
for those that have come back as spiritual warriors. We can make a difference - if we chose to
do so. And  Mary Sutherland has chosen to do so.

Sutherland was told that the people should not allow themselves to become overwhelmed by this
challenge . She was reminded of a baby taking his/her first steps.
“Don’t look at the full journey -  rather look at the first step and then take it.  The other steps,
spirit will provide for.”   
In other words, don’t worry about changing the world - change your self - and the world will
follow .
It all starts and ends through ‘Self Empowerment’.

Mary Sutherland

As a modern day Shaman, Spiritual Counselor, Radio and Television Host Personality, Author,
Lecturer, Researcher and Teacher of the ‘Mysteries’. She stresses that life is not meant to be a
struggle, whether it be on a global or individual basis. Through knowledge comes empowerment .
Mary will be teaching that there  are  keys to empowerment that are simple to understand and
easy to put into effect - It's  a matter of changing our hearts and opening our minds to allow the
power of the life force within to carry us along.  Suddenly, old blocks and frustrations fall away,
and we find ourselves  better connected to the universal flow .

Mary Sutherland is not a person that just gathers information and passes it on. She is a “hands on”
researcher that gets out in the field and personally experiences the subject matter she is
researching.  Her and her husband, Brad Sutherland recently was on a three week expedition in
Kentucky searching for evidence of  Atlantis in North America.
They were successful in this endeavor and brought back the evidence they were looking for.
Sutherland did a documentary on this expedition and the artifacts that they found  - proving once
and for all  - that Atlantis did in deed exist here in North America.
See Documentary

For 30 years, a UFO that crashed in Carbondale Pennsylvania, was written up as a hoax. It was
through the efforts of Mary Sutherland that the case was re-opened and  re-classified as a real
See Documentary

Mary Sutherland brings credibility to the Multi-Universe theories through her work in inter-
dimensional photography. Sutherland has the uncanny ability to be able to photograph multiple
dimensions, parallel universes as well as other paranormal anomalies
See Photos and Website

As a modern day Shaman, Mary Sutherland walks in both worlds. She acts as a conduit for
information to pass from one world to another. Because of her incredible connection with the
vibrations of the other worlds, she is able to find the ‘hidden Camelot’ that exist, unseen in our
world,  at a different vibration.
Sutherland provides ,at no charge for the student , B RC, School for Higher Learning .

Another hat that Sutherland wears is Researcher of Ancient Man, where she delves into the study
and research of ancient races. She provides the largest site on the world wide net for the study
of giants and is in the process of co-writing a book on Giants Around the World.

Another popular site she provides for researchers of ancient man is based off her work on The
Red Haired Race and the Tribe of Dan

Several other books by Mary Sutherland, soon to be published are:
“In Search of Ancient Man” and “In Search of Shambhala”

She has also published three books, “Living in the Light, Believe in the Magic”, “Mysteries” and
Preview reading of these two books can be found at the following sites:

Believing that all things are interconnected and as a student of the universe, she has labored for
years researching underground tunnels and cities , earthen mounds  and the hollow earth
theories.  Again one of the largest sites, of its kind, on the world wide net  is her inner earth and
tunnel site found at

From Earth to Mars she takes you, connecting the Kivas of Chaco Canyon to Mars.

She not only  believes that North America was the First Civilization but these people migrated to
Egypt. Sutherland has an extensive site on the subject with supporting evidence.

Along with her web sites and books, she has BUFO Radio and Internet Television. BUFO Radio is a
combination of  On Demand Radio and Television along with a  24 X 7 Live Stream which
provides the listeners with shows on UFOs,  Earth Mysteries , Multi-Dimensional Realities,  UFOs,
Paranormal, Ancient Mysteries, Mysticism and Prophecies.   She also provides video
documentaries based off the research and interviews she has gathered throughout the years.

BUFO Radio is rated by Google Search Engine as  Number One UFO Radio  and Number One
Paranormal Radio.

To Sutherland’s credit is four yahoo groups and two forums with several thousand members. This
total does not include the many  paid subscribers that help to financially support her work.

Her Yahoo groups include: Burlington UFO , Ancient Mysteries MS, Living in the Light and Ghosts R

She also provides an internet  newspaper, “Talk About It” and has a UFO and Paranormal Research
Center in Burlington WI.  The Center is open 7 days a week and provides a vehicle for the
gathering and sharing of information concerning the 'Mysteries' , 'UFO' and 'Paranormal
Phenomenon'.   Mary and her husband Brad Sutherland give tours of the Burlington Vortex area in
Wisconsin, taking people to the sacred sites in the area and teaching them how to feel and tap
into the 'magik' around them.

No grass grows under Sutherland’s feet. She is a hands-on researcher, counselor  and teacher.  

Take this opportunity now to book Mary Sutherland on your show or as a speaker for  your next
conference or meeting.

Mary Sutherland
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