Norfin Trolls
Purple Hair
6 Inch
Norfin Trolls
Green Hair
6 Inch
Norfin Trolls
Yellow Hair
6 Inch
Norfin Trolls
Light Pink Hair
6 Inch
Norfin Troll
Blue Eyes
Fuscha Hair
6 inches
Lime Green Hair
Blue Eyes
4 inches
Norfin troll
Pink and Yellow Outfit
Fuchsia hair 6 inches
Norfin in sailor suit  6
inches Orange hair
Norfin naked green hair
6 inches $12.99
Norfin Troll in pin outfit
yellow hair blue eyes 6
inches $12.99
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in one piece white outfit
fuchsia hair blue eyes 6
inches 12.99
white undies green hair
blue eyes 6 inches 12.99
Large Norfin Troll in Sweater
Pink Hair 7 inches $14.99
in cream colored outfit
with silver vest . Two
toned orange hair blue
eyes 6 inches 12.99
NORFIN TROLL naked yellow hair blue
eyes 7 inches 14.99