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Many scientists believe that the age of the dinosaurs ended when the Earth was hit by a meteorite, but there is now evidence suggesting that not only did it happen during those ancient
times, but similar global catastrophes have occurred during recent history, caused by meteorites and even larger cosmic bodies. The Earth is littered with the evidence of past devastations.

Immanuel Velikovsky, ˜Worlds in Collision", proposes that , in the distant past, but still within man's memory, the planet Jupiter ejected from itself a smaller but sizeable body that careened
across the solar system in the form of a giant comet. Coming into close contact with Earth, but avoiding an actual collision, this cometary body caused a series of catastrophic events which
mankind remembered and passed on to his descendants in an oral and written tradition that eventually evolved into the well-known mythologies of the various nations. Thus the gods and
goddesses of antiquity seem to have really been the deified planets of the solar system. Their divine actions were merely reflections of errant orbits in a cosmic drama which man witnessed
and immortalized in his religious rites, his liturgies and, finally, his sacred texts.

Not only did Earth experience such catastrophes, we now know that the planets and their moons also show signs of upheaval. Uranus is tilted at 98-degrees, Venus rotates "backwards",
Saturn's moon Mimas shows a crater so large that it was almost destroyed, and the asteroid belt is remnant of a planet that was destroyed due to a collision of another cosmic body.

Despite the old claims that Earth and its people are the result of a slow evolutionary process , it now seems these catastrophic events , known as Event Horizons,  may have accelerated the
evolutionary process. And if mankind had indeed been here to witness such catastrophic devastation, it would surely have not only affected him but these events and terrors would have
become ingrained in his very psych.

According to Velikovsky,  Saturn and Jupiter had once been much closer to Earth. Saturn was a water planet. More than that, like Jupiter, it had once been a "dark" star. Through a near
collision of the two, which took place somewhere between five and ten thousand years ago, Saturn erupted in nova-like brilliance. The water it ejected from its body took the form of two
watery filaments which, seven days after the flare-up, hit the Earth and caused the deluge. The water, which fell on Earth in torrential rains, was warm and salty and resulted in more than
doubling the Earth's hydrosphere. Jupiter reacted differently. It fissioned and expelled from itself the comet that was later to cause the catastrophe of the Exodus before turning into the
planet we now call Venus

In Ancient times, while these great wars in the heavens were taking place and the earth was in chaos, the people were experiencing great floods, earthquakes, volcanoes  and other great
disasters . Although there were  people taking refuge underground and migrating to other lands, in hopes of finding  sanctuary from what they saw as warring gods,  there was others taking
advantage of the chaos , conquering countries and annihilating races that got in their way.

It was during one of these times that Jehovah, the God of Abraham contracted the Israelites to exterminate the people of Cain - forever wiping off them off the face of the earth and heaven,
along with any memory of their existence or teachings.  And from that time up until now a great cover up has been in motion.

Deuteronomy: "...And when the Lord your God delivers them to you and you defeat them, you must doom them to destruction. Grant them no terms and give them no quarter. You shall tear
down their altars, smash their pillars, cut down their ˜sacred posts" and consign their images to the fire. You shall destroy all the peoples that the Lord your God delivers to you, showing
them no pity. The Lord your God will deliver them up to you, throwing them into utter panic until they are wiped out. He will deliver their kings into your hand  and you shall obliterate their
name from under the heavens."

The symbol of twins represents the Good and Evil, the Sons and Daughters  of Darkness and the Sons and Daughters  of Light. The Twins are the Devas and Asuras of the Hindus and the
Sons of Light and Sons of Darkness of the Essenes. They are the personifications of the two races that fight for world dominance . This war has been going on since the dawn of time. The
War between the Lemurians and Atlantians was the War of Armageddon found in the biblical Book of Revelation.  This war mirrored the  primordial battle fought in the heavens.

Armageddon (Hebrew)means  the same as Shambhala (in Sanskrit), "the Plains of Gathering".  We today speak of the ˜gathering"of like minds, mysteriously coming together for some
unknown reason.  Just as in the past, the people of Light and Darkness are once again coming together for the great battle. As prophesied , the armies of the world will gather, in the end of
times, for "the war that is to end all wars". It is this war that will close the Kali Yuga Cycle or Age.

Agents of a higher Intelligence  banished the Elder Gods "to their own realm , sealing the gateway.  The Manhattan Project caused the seal to be dissolved. It is believed that these entities
are presently preparing for another attempt to come back into our Universe or Dimension.  The Dark Forces are being drawn back through the suffering of millions of poverty stricken and
undernourished people of the world.

"These ˜Forgotten Ones" now has access to Man on the Astral planes, mainly in the dream-state. Those sections of humanity who exist in starvation conditions and in poverty are being used
as the human conscious gates for the ˜Forgotten Ones". The starving and desolate people's barriers between the waking (reason) and dreaming (primal drive) states are now weakened.
Although they have no physical strength to bear arms, theirs is a massed power for the dark powers gathering within.

To meet the return of the Elder Race, man must be healed, whole and strong. This can be done only by arousing the human consciousness on a planetary scale. We must come to grips with
and heal the suffering and proceed to a higher conscious destiny as part of a united humanity. Should we fail, the Gates will be stormed and our worst fears will have arrived.

Jung speaks of the return of these archetypes in the following metaphor:
An archetype is like an old watercourse along which the water of life has flowed for centuries, digging a deep channel for itself. The longer it has flowed in this channel the more likely it is that
sooner or later the water will return to its old bed."


The Father of Biblical Archaeology, W.F.Albright, states that the Bible  is nothing more  than a literary legacy of the Phoenician Brotherhood.  It is further proposed that the homogenous
Jewish people coming from a genetic group separate from all other white people is pure fallacy. Albright claims that the people of Moses (Jewish Brotherhood) , the Germanic Teutons and the
Aryan (Keltic- derived from Eire-yann) were all one in the same. The true identity behind the Jew may be that of the high priests and ‘arch-tectons’ of the Pyramids. Their people were
later named after their language of sacerdotal code, Hebrew, which is  derived from Ogham, the Green Languages or Language of the Trees. (Ogham is the language of the Druids. It was
deemed illegal for ‘lay’ persons to learn or use the ‘Ogham’ and if caught  were given the  â€œgeasa,â€� which was the Druid death curse.) The Bardic ‘verbal tradition’
links the Qabala to Tao and the Shamanic systems through the world.  Esoteric Christianity was birthed through the integration of the Druid Wisdom and Christian Mysteries.

While the Greeks honored the ‘ancient ones’ as the ‘Keltoi’ or ‘Ogygia’,  Rome  destroyed most of the great libraries in a  attempt to re-write history. It had been part of
the destiny of Rome to establish the ground for the development of the future initiation schools of Christianity.

From the writings of the German historian, C. Besoldus (1577-1638) ,we learn that the ‘Huns’ is actually a Celtic work meaning ‘Great Magicians’. It seems that both ‘Druidsâ
€™  and ‘Smiths’ carried the knowledge on how to create visions of such force that whole armies would shudder, quake and run from the fields of battle.
According to Ovason , the mystery schools of Imperial Rome had ordained that Ireland should remain untouched as a non-Roman periphery on the edge of the map of the Imperium. It was
intended by the initiation schools that this map would correspond to the future Christian world.

In David Ovason’s book ‘The Secrets of Nostradamus’ , we also learn that Nostradamus , an initiate of the Hibernian Mysteries and an expert in the Ogham language, also
belonged to an ancient and secret inner sanctum known as The Sons of the Widow’, who were followers of the biblical Miriam. The feminine Miriam later becomes the Mason’s
masculine Hiram.


In the ‘Time before Time’,  Saturn moved on a wildly elliptical path around the Sun , entering the Solar System at 26 million year intervals. Some time in the last 6 to 3 million years,
perhaps after passing close to Jupiter, Saturn was placed in a much closer orbit around the Sun, very near Earth.

Then, in about 5800 BC, Saturn appears above Earth creating a plasma discharge to Earth. Although Earth was  in a close orbit around the Sun, the stars were not to be  seen another 1700
years. Saturn is mostly obscured, and only near the end of this period does it start to show itself like that of a giant ‘cosmic egg’ in the sky.  Saturn,  in effect,  captured and held the
Earth in a sub-polar position until 3100 BC - when then Earth broke away.

Much of what we know today as mythology is the oral records of these events witnessed by ancient man. The mythological evidence that points to Saturn having once occupied a position
above Earth's north polar regions is found around the world. There is not a race on Earth that has not preserved at least one account which states as much!

Saturn occupied a central position in the north celestial regions. Although it rotated widely, it was immovable - not rising nor setting. It merely became brighter and more glorious each night
as the Sun set. This seems to have lasted for ages. According to Dwardu Cardona (1982) , “ It is the one single dictum of the ancients from which all other beliefs are derived."

What is most interesting about all this is the psychological and cultural reaction of the people of Earth to these events. The last 1000 years of this period (4200 BC to 3100 BC) was
remembered as the "Age of the Gods".  The deep rooted memories of this age has kept mankind yearning for ‘home’  and the paradise it once was.

This  period was followed by a series of adjustments in planetary orbits,  which also had significant effects on Earth and mankind.   Man  changed when Paradise closed -- not just the rapid
changes to what we would call civilization, but also the gradual achievement of a subjective consciousness.

Based off ancient mythology, records and discussions among his peers, Cardona is convinced that Saturn, at one time,  was a true “ sun of nightâ€� , radiating its own light and was the â
€˜most’ conspicuous object in the sky. This was a time that had ‘No Time’- when we did not have our Sun.

According to Cardona, this  body was observed by ancient man as a rotating sphere, which means that markings of some sort were clearly visible on its surface. Since tradition insists there
was no way of telling time in those "days," these markings must have been of a fluctuating nature with no specific form retaining a recognizable shape that could have been timed with each
rotation. Fluctuating surface markings bespeak an active atmosphere, perhaps in turmoil, and the impression one receives, especially in view of what transpired later, is that Saturn was an
unstable gaseous body.

Unlike the Sun, the luminary did not rise or set. It simply hung suspended in the north celestial pole, which could only mean that it shared the same axis of rotation with Earth. More than that
ancient texts speak of this planetary deity as having ruled alone and in darkness.  The Sun, it is stated, was completely absent from the sky.

Man remembers this Age as a time of perpetual night. But for Saturn to have been visible, it must have shed some light. Since the light did not dissolve the gloom, the illumination must have
been feeble. For fauna and flora to have thrived, Saturn must also have shed warmth. Man himself went completely naked. He knew nothing of chilling winds, cold rain, of snow, or ice.

During this period, Saturn does not seem to have been paid much heed by the people of Earth. But then an event transpired of such stupendousness that it went down in the annals of
mankind as “Day One - When Time Beganâ€�.  It was then that Saturn suddenly flared up in nova-like brilliance, flooding the Earth and its inhabitants with a blinding light. “The act of
‘Creation’ had commenced�.

When the light of the flare-up finally ebbed, man was presented with a ghastly sight. Spewing out from the central orb was a multi-spiraled black mass that revolved and wound itself around
its parent. Viewed as a monster which the transformed god had to subdue, this was also the “‘Chaos’ out of which creation was born�.

It seems to have been precisely at this point that the Sun made its appearance. Day now succeeded night. “‘Time’ had now come into the world�.

Saturn itself continued to shine as a sun in its own right. It was bright enough to keep the stars, except those of first magnitude, from being seen. It was not however as bright as the Sun
and, during the day, it paled into a cloud-like ghost.

Two filaments detached themselves from Saturn's spiraling matter and were temporarily "lost" in the reaches of space. The rest of this watery debris congealed into a ring around the orb. â
€œThe god had ‘organized’ his cosmosâ€�.

It was this "world" that man had witnessed god create, for in truth the creation did not originally refer to a terrestrial realm. In time this ring resolved itself into a series of concentric bands --
first into three and later, for the longest time, into seven. “These were the original seven "heavens" or seven "earths� - and also the seven stages of creation, long after
misunderstood as the ‘Seven Days’ of Creation� .

The light from the unveiled Sun illuminated Saturn's encircling ring as a gigantic crescent, and later as seven nested ones. The other half of the band was only dimly lit, forming a crescent in
shadow that was nonetheless visible. Both crescents revolved in unison, perpetually chasing each other, around the stationary orb. This, together with the now rising and setting Sun, â
€˜enabled man to calculate the passage of time’.
The visual revolution of these crescents was naturally due to the rotation of the Earth. This means that the Saturn-Earth System must have been at right angles to the Sun-Earth vector , but
not necessarily perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic.

Nine smaller satellites, which were not formerly apparent, now appeared to revolve around Saturn. In mythology they became the nine followers, or company, of the god. A cruci-form star-
shape also appeared as four bright rays radiating from the central orb.

A singular beam of light also appeared to taper upward from Earth's northern horizon, ‘connecting’ earth to Saturn's  realm in the sky.  â€œThis singular beam , or polar column, was
the bond which tied ‘heaven’ to Earth and was known in all mythology as the  â€˜Cosmic Tree’.

There was a lithic bulge that was raised in a gravitational response to Saturn's close proximity. The axis mundi would have rested on top of this bulge which would have accounted for the
world-wide belief of - “God resting on his mountain of glory or the universal world mountain located at the North�.

Various atmospheric phenomena also appeared in conjunction with this polar sun in the form of Parhelia and Parry halo arcs, although these, because of their very nature, were
understandably impermanent. The most amazing aspect of the Saturnian structure, however, was the uncanny resemblance it bore to the human form, especially around the hour of midnight,
when the sunlit crescent of its encircling rings appeared as two uplifted arms. “The entire apparition was likened to a magnificent giant towering above the world for all mankind to see.â

No earthly description can ever hope to do this phenomenon justice nor will we ever be able to fully  appreciate the impact it must have had on the primitive psyche. Although the Sun itself
might have been brighter, Saturn was much more glorious. For untold generations Saturn's strange apparition became the very focus of man's existence. “It was the fountainhead of all
religious beliefs and the impetus behind the rise of civilization�.

Unstable as this system might have been, it managed to sustain itself for an unspecified but long period of time. Its formation ushered in an era that mythology remembers as the Golden
Age. This was the Edenic childhood of mankind, a time of prosperity and peace, during which the earth was said to have given freely of its bounty.

In  approximately 3114 B.C. Saturn was in near collision with Jupiter. Plasma discharges were seen shooting back and forth between the two planets and - “ recorded by our ancestors as
‘Battles among the gods� ’.
Earth, Mars and Venus escaped to eccentric orbits. Mars, on a slightly larger orbit, partly coincided with Earth’s orbit and was recorded visiting Earth as ‘Horus’ ten times for the
next 300 years. “The Age of the Gods end with the Flood of Gilgamesh.�

The two filaments that had detached themselves from Saturn's former spiral had gone into orbit around the Sun. Each successive passage had brought them back into close proximity of the
Saturnian system. These were viewed by our ancestors as -  â€œmonsters which periodically threatened their godâ€�.

Eventually -at least one of them-  collided with the Earth. Composed mainly of water, this filament dispersed itself across the Earth in a deluge that lasted for days causing the universal flood,
which again was the direct result of Saturn's initial flare-up. “This became referred to as the Flood of Gilgamesh�.
Saturn, with its cosmos, became unhinged. It was now seen to circle around the sky as the Earth, knocked off its balance by the impact of the collision, began to wobble and topple. The
ancient observers, experiencing the Earth turning head over heels,  watched their god,  the Saturnian apparition , slide down the sides of heaven and sink beyond Earth's horizon.

With the overturning of the Earth, the Sun reversed its path across the sky, rising where it had formerly set and setting where it had formerly risen.  The quarters of the world had been
displaced. All was not lost - “as they watched their ‘god rose from the dead’�.

After a while the Earth righted itself and Saturn was seen to return to his post in his former glory. Their god had risen from the dead. “To others he had been ‘saved by building an arkâ
Saturn became the biblical ‘Noah’ and his ‘Ark’ was the sunlit crescent seen in the sky!. Textual evidence of Noah having sailed through the sky actually exists. Moreover, the
word "ark" derives from a root that, in more than one language, translates into an ancient name for Saturn.

The panic with which mankind had witnessed the death and disappearance of its divinity was temporarily set aside.  But it soon became apparent that something was amiss with the deity -  
Saturn had lost its brightness and  wrinkles and blotches began to appearing over its surface. (The luminary's gaseous envelope was re-asserting itself.) To those who looked on in horror - â
€œ the risen deity had been struck with leprosy and to others he was showing signs of his advancing ageâ€� . (We find  the Aged Saturn and the Beginning of Time in depictions now of “
Old Father Time carrying his Clock�)

In the end, whatever force had held the planets rotating on the same axis dissipated. The polar column severed itself from the main body while the ringed structure was seen to break up.
Saturn's cosmos had become unglued and literally fell apart.  - “The god, to some still dead, had been dismembered and the ‘umbilical cord (cosmic tree) that united Earth and Saturn
became separated�.

The giant planet, growing ever dimmer, was seen to move slowly away. No longer a sun, it grew smaller as it rose above the Earth until, eventually, it became the pin-point of light we now
see in the night where it was free to reconstruct a new system of rings.  In the surrounding sea of stars that now became the order of the night - “ mankind saw the dissected members
of its god�.

Thus Saturn was the only deity who was - “ born his own son; who lived on Earth; who died and descended to the underworld; who rose again from the dead and finally ascended into
heaven.� ( If the tale sounds familiar, you now know its origin).

Certain mythological themes show us that , at some point, the planet Mars had passed through the fabric of the polar column, temporarily trapping itself there before passing on. A repeat
performance was what later severed the polar column. According to Talbott, the polar column stretched earthward from Mars, with Mars having been permanently suspended between Saturn
and the Earth, rotating on the same common axis with them. Visually, Mars was thus seen as a part and parcel of the same configuration. The polar column would then have been seen as
belonging to the Saturnian complexity without losing its identity with Mars.

Frederic Jueneman had his own ideas of what constituted the fabric of the polar column or the ‘ trunk of the cosmic tree’. To him the axis mundi and world mountain were a separate
phenomena.  The world mountain was a tidal uplift of land. But the mechanics he had worked out to account for the polar column was in its major constituents which he ascertained to have
been air and water vapor. According to Jueneman, these were "carried upward towards the nul-gravity at the apex between the two planets" in "a columnar Rankine vortex."  - “ The axis
mundi would thus have been a cosmic tornado seen from a distance�. ( This fact lies in various ancient texts that actually described the axis as a cyclone, a whirlwind, or churning

The Rankine Vortex answers another mystery. Based on an ancient Assyro-Babylonian text, De Santillana and Von Dechend , concluded that the occurrence of the second deluge on Earth
was caused by Mars. The polar column contained an immense volume of moisture which would have been released when Mars swooped by and severed it. As the column twisted and sank in
its death throes, it would have poured its water on Earth's northern hemisphere. This would thus account for those traditions which tell of a great flood that roared down from the north.

Jueneman also described the effect of a bolus flow complete with Coriolis tendency which, at times, would have split the ‘central pillar into two serpentine spouts’ . Entwining about
each other, these were later to give rise to  - “the god's twisted legs and the mythic ‘ caduceus’ popularly associated with  Mercuryâ€�.
David Talbott , The Saturn’s Age, has the Earth, Mars, and Saturn "all rotating on a single axis extending out from Jupiter." Talbott proposed a tentative date for the cosmic cataclysms to
have been ‘within the past 6-8,000 years, whereas Velikovsky opted for a safer period between 5 and 10,000 years ago.
Ancient texts  describe Jupiter as the god and/or star of the south, which would have meant that Jupiter would have at that time been located in Earth's south polar sky. This configuration
would have lessened the Roche limit problem since the Earth would have been gravitationally attracted to both giants without succumbing to either.

It would seem that Jupiter actually appeared from beyond Earth's horizon when the latter flipped over. Saturn and Jupiter were seen to change places. It was said that Saturn made his
acquaintance with the southern constellations while the star of the south rose to occupy Saturn's vacated post. The seven bands surrounding  Saturn disappeared with Saturn when the
luminary dropped out of sight. Jupiter was encircled by its own ringed system, which accounts for the apparent "theft." This mythological evidence could actually have been used to predict the
later discovery of the Jovian rings.

From the original chaos or a catastrophic event the father of the gods was born and from him/her was born the succession of gods. And these gods were identified with the planets and other
sky bodies. Could this analogy not indicate to us that a true succession of birth throes in the heavens connect the birth of the cosmos to that of the members of an earthly family?

The theory of Quanta-volution proposes that change in nature and life occur largely as the result of catastrophic events; the events originate in the skies, which contain forces that are
immeasurably greater than any in man or Earth and that are especially electrical. Quanta-volution theory maintains that the world from its beginnings, including the world of life and humanity,
has changed largely by quantum leaps, rather than by tiny increments over great stretches of time.

Now let us take a look at our mythology and written traditions.. It was during this time, that ‘Time Began’ - It was during the Age  when Uranus gave place to Chronos and Atlas.
Cronus (Saturn)was the son of Uranus and Gaia - the youngest of the twelve Titans. (Saturn has 12 moons, the largest of which is Titan, which held power for untold ages, until deposed by
Zeus) He was at the Dawn of the Ages of Gods, the Protector and Sower of the Seed. His wife and sister was the Titan, Rhea and their offspring were Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, Poseidon
and Zeus.

According to Greek mythology, Uranus hid his children away in the bowels of the earth (Tartarus) as he was aghast at the sight of them (afraid of their great strength and power). Enraged
with the treatment of her children by Uranus and not wanting to produce any further offspring from him, Gaia devised a plan to end the passions of Uranus through castration. Her Son
Cronus came to her call and with a sickle that Gaia had provided him, severed the genitals from Uranus. From the blood that fell to the earth (Gaia) were born the Erinyes (Furies), the Giants
and also the Meliae (Nymphs of the manna ash trees). Now only the Erinyes remain and will stay until the world is free of sin.

After Cronus had castrated Uranus, he and his wife, Rhea, took the thrown. Under their power, a time of harmony and prosperity began, which became known as the ‘Golden Age’. It
was a time when it was said that people lived without greed or violence, a time without toil or the need for laws.

Cronus knew, according to prophecy,  that at a time would come that he would be overthrown by one of his own children.  To prevent this from happening he began to swallow his newborn,
taking them at birth then swallowing them whole, retaining them inside his own body where they could do him no harm.

Rhea did not like the thoughts of losing all her children, and with the help of Gaia she saved Zeus from this fate. Rhea wrapped a stone in Zeus' swaddling clothes which Cronus took and
immediately swallowed thinking it was the child. Gaia and Rhea's plan worked well and the baby Zeus was taken to Crete, and there, in a cave on Mount Dicte, the divine goat Amaltheia
suckled and raised the infant Zeus.

As soon as Zeus had reached manhood, he planned to punish his father and seize the power from him. In order to get the allies for the war with Cronus, he decided to release his brothers
and sisters first. He asked Metis, daughter of Oceanus, for help, and she gave Cronus a drug which made him vomit up the stone first and then all the children he had swallowed: Hestia,
Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon. With his brothers and sisters, Zeus attacked Cronus and the Titans. The war lasted ten years. Then, Gaea prophesied victory to Zeus, if he took as allies
those whom Cronus had locked in Tartarus. To do this Zeus came secretly to Campe, the gaoleress of Tartarus, killed her, took her keys and released Cyclopes and the Hecatoncheires
(Hundred-handed Ones). The Cyclopes then gave Zeus thunder and lightning; they gave Hades a magic helmet which made the wearer of it invisible; and they gave Poseidon a trident. So,
Hades put the helmet on his head and, becoming invisible, managed to steal Cronus's weapons. While Poseidon was diverting his attention by threatening with the trident, Zeus struck down
with the thunderbolt. Cronus and the Titans were defeated, and they were all (except Atlas) expelled from Heaven and locked up in Tartarus. Atlas, as their war-leader was being ordered to
carry the sky on his shoulders. Having won the war, the gods shared the power among themselves. Zeus was given the Heaven and became the new ruler of the universe; Poseidon was
given the Sea, and Hades the Underworld. The era of the Olympians now began.

Soon, the gods had to start a new war, this time with the Giants. Namely, Gaea was full of rage because her children were imprisoned in Tartarus. She wanted revenge and she persuaded
Giants to attack gods. But once again, the Olympians achieved a victory. The destruction of the Giants infuriated Gaea even more. To Tartarus she bore her youngest son Typhon, the largest
monster ever seen, who was the Zeus's final challenge (see Typhon).

Zeus was a harsh and strict ruler. He considered humans lowly creatures and treated them as such. At this time, man had been living in the depths of the dark caves of the earth and did not
dare venture out. The gods of Olympus decided  to bring man back out of the caves of the earth, into the light. However, man was without strength and means of defense, dependent of the
gods for their very survival.
Prometheus,  felt pity for mankind and wished to help . Prometheus stole some of the  holy fire that belonged to the gods and hid it in a hollow log.  He then brought this fire to mankind,
which they used to survive.

The god Zeus was enraged at what Prometheus had done and punished him severely for it.  Zeus  sent down Pandora to Epimetheus to be his wife, who carried with her a box of demons
(from greed to spite)  to torture humanity After Pandora unleashed these demons, the remaining immortals on earth quickly departed for Olympus. The last one to leave was the goddess of
virtue and daughter of Zeus and Themis,  Astraea. (As legend goes, although she went to the heavens, she still hopes to return to earth, and she watches from the sky every night to see
when earth will be ready for her to return.)

He tied Prometheus with large chains onto the side of the Caucasus mountains.  Every morning an eagle would appear and eat the liver of Prometheus which would grow back at night.
Prometheus could not die as he was an immortal, and therefore was cursed by Zeus to undergo this torture forever. After many centuries his torment finally came to end when the hero
Heracles (Hercules)  freed him.

Humanity prospered as a result of the kind action of Prometheus. Mankind managed to overcome all its' fears and progressed rapidly.  However, Mankind became disrespectful to the gods
and Zeus decided it was time to completely wipe them out, except for those that remained virtuous to him.  He searched far and wide and found only two people that he deemed virtuous.  
These two were Devkolionas the son of Prometheus and his wife Pira.  Zeus told Devkolionas to create an ark  and enter it with his wife. After they were aboard, , Zeus would create a flood
which would destroy mankind.  When the ark was complete and Devkolionas and his wife entered, Zeus opened the gates of heaven and flooded the world. When the waters subsided the
ark came to rest on the great mountain of Parnassus.  Devkolionas and his wife then came out and gave glory and homage to the god Zeus for saving them and it from their union that
mankind descended.

In Roman mythology when Zeus (Jupiter)ascended the throne, Cronus (Saturn) fled to Rome and established the Golden Age, a time of perfect peace and harmony, which lasted as long as he
reigned. In memory of the Golden Age, the Feast of Saturnalia was held every year in the winter at the Winter Solstice. During this time no war could be declared, slaves and masters ate at
the same table, executions were postponed and it was a season for giving gifts. This was a time of total abandon and merry making. It refreshed the idea of equality, of a time when all men
were on the same level.  Christians adopted the feast and renamed it Christmas. And when the festival ended, in accordance to Saturn and it’s ruling sign, Capricorn (the settling of
accounts), the tax collectors appeared and all money owed out to government, landlords, or debtors had to be accounted for.

The Greek poet, Hesiod wrote of the five Ages of mankind in the 8th century B.C. He wrote that there was the Golden Age, Silver, two ages of Bronze and the Iron Age. Each Age was ruled by
a different god. Following is what he wrote about these Ages of Man:

"The Golden Age was first; But when good Saturn, banish'd from above, Silver Age Was driv'n to Hell, the world was under Jove. “
"Succeeding times a Silver Age behold, Excelling brass, but more excell'd by gold. Then summer, autumn, winter did appear: And spring was but a season of the year. The sun his annual
course obliquely made, Good days contracted, and enlarg'd the bad. Then air with sultry heats began to glow; The wings of winds were clogg'd with ice and snow; And shivering mortals, into
houses driv'n, Sought shelter from th' inclemency of Heav'n. . . “

"To this came next in course, the Brazen Age -  A warlike offspring, prompt to bloody rage, Not impious yet... The Hard steel succeeded then: Iron Age And stubborn as the metal, were the
men. Truth, modesty, and shame, the world forsook: Fraud, avarice, and force, their places took. Then sails were spread. . ."

Several hundred years later Herodotus addressed Hesoid's notion of planets being gods in human form by repeating what Egyptian priests told him about four different ages:
"So, in eleven thousand three hundred and forty years, said the priests, there had never been a god in man-shape; nor, moreover, neither beforetime nor thereafter, among the rest of those
who became kings of Egypt, had any such thing happened.

During this time, they said, there were four times when the sun rose out of his wonted place...twice rising where now he sets, and twice setting where now he rises ..."and", say the priests,
"nothing became different among the Egyptians, for all these disturbances, neither products of the Earth nor products of the river, nor yet in respect of diseases or death."

If Egyptian priests who made the above statement to Herodotus were correct, the sun "twice rising where now he sets, and twice setting where now he rises" would probably have been
caused by polar shifts.
The Age of Gold (Cronus) was the purest age, when no labor was required and weather was always pleasant. It was virtually a place of pleasant surroundings and of abundance. Death was
not an unpleasant eventuality and people occupied their time in pleasant pursuits.

The Roman poet Ovid said , Saturn was king of a "Golden Age" in the time of Arcadians who lived on Earth before Jupiter was born, and are of a race that "predates the moon."  Ovid also
wrote of that time,  "The earth gave forth all good things of her own accord, and mankind, content with foods created without labor, picked the fruit of the trees and the mountain
strawberries and the cornel cherries and the mulberries clinging to the wild thickets and acorns that fell from the spreading oak of Jupiter.

Spring was eternal, and the gentle breezes caressed the flowers, all springing forth without seed, with clear warm air. Soon, also, the unplowed earth was rich with grain, and fields always
fertile, were white with the heavy beards of corn. Then rivers of milk, then streams of nectar flowed forth . . ."

Ancient Egyptians frequently referred to a Golden Age by the name of Zep Tepi, 'The First Time' of Osiris or the ˜Age of Ra".  (the constellation known to us as Orion). They believed Zep Tepi
had long predated the Pyramid Age.
The Chinese referred to it as the Age of Perfect Virtue and the Hindus had a Golden Age called the Satya Yuga or Perfect Age.

Traditions around the world, thought the Golden Age to be a˜timeless epoch before the arrival of discord and war, and before the ˜linkage™ of heaven with Earth was broken.

Most of those early cultures also connected the Golden Age with the rule of a Universal Monarch, such as the Akkadian Anu, the Sumerian An, the Hindu Yama, the Persian Yima, the Norse
Frodhi, the Chinese Huang-ti and the Mexican Quetzalcoatl. All of these are claimed to be founding kings, often as the first in what those peoples believed was an unbroken line of rulers.

Chronos is derived from the Greek word Cronus meaning "time".  According to the Mediterranean traditions, Chronos,  the˜time people", were based in many places including Italy, Sicily and
North Africa.  It would thus seem that they may have controlled the sea trade by their strangle holds on the Central Mediterranean - since ˜time began™ . The ˜time-worshiping™ people
could have been the ˜Sea People, also known as the Phoenicians.

When truth is actualized in the Book of Revelation and the Apocalypse, we find that ˜Apocalypse" literally means to uncover the Goddess Calypso and Calypso phonetically means by way or
by fact of the Goddess Kali
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