Ancient Wisconsin - Investigating Ancient Structures in Rock Lake Wisconsin W/ Mary Sutherland and Frank Joseph
Ancient Wisconsin- Underwater Pyramids of Rock Lake
Exploring the Pyramids of Rock Lake Wisconsin
Frank Joseph Host of the Expedition
Special Thank you to Mark and Travis Enneper for the Pontoon and a great day on the Lake .
June 22, 2008
After the Summer Solstice Celebration a few of us ventured on to Lake Mills to investigate the underwater pyramids that are known to exists...some claiming they pre-date the
pyramids of Egypt. This area is of special interest to us being that it is our belief that these ancient people of Rock Lake are connected to the people who built the rock mounds of
Burlington.  A representative from the DNR stopped by our boat and informed us that over 1100 ancient structures have been found under Rock Lake. He then lent us a map showing
where some of the more popular dives were being conducted....
Following are some of the photos we took of our journey into the 'unknown' with Frank Joseph
Brad and Mary Sutherland
Our Team Brad Sutherland, Steve Ashmore, Travis Enneper, Frank Joseph and Mark Enneper
Frank Joseph going into the water in search of ancient structures in this particular area.
We did manage to find several interesting structures...including a black pyramid with ancient inscriptions written on it. At a later date, we will go back to photograph structure.

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