Could the Pleiadians be what the Ancients described as the  Bird Tribe

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Many Indian Tribes ,including the Mayan , believed they were seeded from the Pleiadians.  The story of the Peacemaker of the 5 Nations of New York is that he was born to a virgin mother  and knew
at an early age  he was to spread the word of peace. Leaving  his home at a early age  the  Peacemaker  traveled to what is now New York . He brought the Great Law to the people . The Five Nations
were borne , bringing peace to the land.   He left New York  later to continue spreading  the word of peace.
I recently read the book The Return of the Bird Tribe and I will quote from there.
" Within this second category of angels long associated with biological life is a highly specialized circle of beings who are responsible for the education of humankind.  While these entities-who have
been known on rare occasions to take human form-clearly have long term purposes of a more general nature, their immediate goal is the freeing of our race from  what they have termed "the spell of
matter"  Introduction by Ken Carey.  "So the Brid Tribe can take human form.  Peacemaker?
For thousands of gentle circlings of this earth around her star,  the people of the Americas, the highland of Asia, the natives of central Africa and earth people , the world have known us as The Bird
Tribe. " The book goes on to say that they The Bird Tribe was the Peacemaker of the 5 Nations and they were there when the Buffalo Calf women appeared.

I asked Higgens 'who were the Bird Tribe?'  and he said...." look to the Nordic."   I didn't understand at first what he was saying.  After thinking about this for awhile I remember his discription of the
Pleiadians.  He said that the Sirians are closer to looking like the Nordic people, but true Nordic looking ones are from the Pleiades but are more see-thru.  I then re-read the book Journey into the
New Millennium by Wendy Munro.  On page 132 it states that the Pleiadians were originally know as the Bird Tribe.

In Kinship,  Linda
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