Holistic Healing, Healing Through Positive Thoughts, Does Our Attitude Control Our Health.
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"Ed <abundance888@y...>" <abundance888@y...>
Date:  Wed Jan 15, 2003  1:21 am
Subject:  Re: Healer & Patient?

Brad and Mary wrote:
"Question for you Ed...
Do you think that healers can heal themselves. I would be interested
in your opinion on this.



Kind of a perspective oriented question, my quick answer is Yes.
To go deeper we would have to go through it on an individual bases,
it would definately depend on the healers beliefs & also the dis-ease
in question-in one of Hulda Clarks books "Cure for all diseases" she
states "There's no such thing as an incurable disease, there are just
people who are willing & not willing to do certain things."

Another Author Carolyn Myss in her book "Why people don't Heal"
gives reasons why one would choose not to heal-
Looking at the whole if everything is exactly the way it's supposed
to be-Divine Plan-
then we have to change our view on illness & dis-ease at it's core-
first and foremost is to see the symptoms as the cure-symptoms that
arise in the body are a result of the body healing itself-
When i worked at a health food store in the supplements department &
many would come with all kinds of ailments-my most common statement
to the majority of them was "I can tell you more things to stop doing
that would help you, than I can give you to add to your daily regime."

Rooting out the cause is key-
Willingness to change is key-

Abraham mentions how we can manifest the worst terminal illness known
to man within us one moment by being in a very low place
vibrationally then instantly have absolute perfect health in the next
moment by being completely open to the flow-High Vibrations-
Diagnostic tools can wonderful & terminal-
if looked at as being a static picture of the moment in question, one
can realize that our bodies are constantly changing from moment to
moment-thoughts/emotions having an incredible affect as well-
so one moment we could be ill the next we could be well-

so much more could be said, I leave it at this for now.

In Love with the Journey

Ed aka s.e.n.

W.ere A.ll I.n T.his T.ogether

Have fun-In Passion & Joy

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God's Thoughts
How to Become a Healer: Sananda through Shel Miller

It is so simple; with clarity of intent taken care of, miracles can
and do occur.

This is Sananda. Greetings to all who may read these words.

Today's subject is healing. You all know how important this is but
let me explain further. Healing allows the healer to come in contact
with a powerful Source Light. This Light is then transmitted through
the healer to the patient. In this way both the healer and patient
are worked on in unison. I know some have experienced this
phenomenon, but others have not.

Let me explain the process. It is through the healer's intent that
this process is opened up, is begun. The healer must make the initial
contact, of course. It is in this initial contact that sometimes
things go wrong. The healer must have a clear idea of what he or she
wants to do, i.e. heal the patient. This may, at first glance, seem
ridiculous. "Of course," you say, "the healer wants to heal the
patient." But so often the healer is thinking, "What if something
goes wrong? What if I do something wrong?" You see how this can
really screw up the whole process?

The healer must be clear. Clear in the sense of having a strong
focused intent to heal. This is the important thing. With clarity of
intent taken care of, miracles can and do occur. It is so simple. It
is not necessary for the healer's own psychological problems to have
been healed. The healing of the patient can take place in spite of
these apparent negatives. You see, the psychology of the healer is
simply bypassed in the healing process. Many times the healer may
need to practice on himself/herself first before attempting it on
anyone else. This can be a long process. But here, the idea is for
the healer to come in contact with this healing Source Light. Yes,
loving himself/herself first is a very good idea, however it may be
quite a long road to this discovery. It does seem to be a most
difficult lesson for many and is not necessary for the healing to
take place between the healer and patient. As I said before, the
psychology of the healer is bypassed in the healing.

So, the healer makes contact with the Source Light then, most
importantly, is able to feel the Light as it enters him. These things
are not difficult. The healer can facilitate this with ease, through
his or her intent. Then it is a matter of believing in the process.
Actually, once the first contact is made with the proper intent; the
healer is guaranteed results. Now, of course the results will vary
from patient to patient as we all know. But if the healer can just
make that first step to the Light, all things are then possible.

"How about a technique the potential healer could use to contact the
Source Light?"

Yes, if you would like a technique I can supply one: First, the
potential healer would make himself/herself ready by putting in their
mind something like the following thought "Please make me a healer. I
desire to heal and be of service to humanity." This will easily
activate the necessary spiritual pathways to the Source Light. The
healer might do this for a few days or several days until he/she
feels comfortable about making the first contact with the Light. The
healer would then simply need to get comfortable, go into a light
meditative state, and call upon the Source Light. Allow the Light to
come to you as it will, there is no right or wrong way. Allow the
Light to fill you and feel it as it flows through you. This is the
same feeling you will use when you are later healing someone.

If the healer has guides that he/she works with then by all means
call upon them for assistance. Call upon me or Mary for assistance.
This, however is not really necessary as the Source Light is so
gentle and loving; having its own very strong intent to heal. You
see, the Source Light will seek out those who call upon it. This
Light wants to heal and you are being of assistance to it by lending
your body and mind to it in the healing process.

Then, when the healer begins with a patient he or she need only call
in the Light. The Light knows what to do in every instance. The
healer does not have to know a patient's problems in detail to help
them. The Light will make all the necessary adjustments. The healer
may feel impulses to do different things such as placing their hands
over a certain area but there is no need to be concerned over the
mechanics of the process. The particular modality that a healer is
using be it Reiki, another touch healing, etc. does not matter; the
Light wants only to heal and will do so through any mechanism it is
allowed. Therefore, once the Source Light has come into the healing
process the healer can just kick back and enjoy this special time.

I might also add: The healer will find many benefits to being a
channel for the Light. Of course, the healer will experience many
healings and will also see other things smooth out in their own
lives. Another benefit of becoming a healer is to speed up the
spiritual growth process considerably and, in some cases, cut down on
the number of lives needed to be lived. Of course, many healers today
are in their last lifetime and others just have one or two more to
go, but for those who are new to healing the benefits can be quite
great. Healing is a most admirable path to the Light.

I hope we have encouraged many to join the ranks of healers. Any who
have questions may certainly address them to this channel or to me,
Sananda, in the spirit world. Your questions will be answered.

Copyright 4/18/96 by Shel Miller

Author's note: Sananda says, "I intend that you should let these
writings go far and wide. Let them ride upon the winds and waters, if
you will." In keeping with this statement, please feel free to copy
and distribute the above information in any way possible. There is no
need to contact me first. You are doing everyone a favor by `getting
out the word.' Thanks, Shel Miller; Tel. (954) 523-7239; Email:
--- In ancientmysteriesms@yahoogroups.com, "Ed <abundance888@y...>"
<abundance888@y...> wrote:
> "Brad and Mary wrote:
"Hi Ed,- Now this decision on curing ourselves.........would that
a soul decision (unconscious) or our conscious decision. As you
more times than not we cannot read our inner voice as to know what
our soul wants. We may have an illness and desperately want to cure
it ..or so we think. I would imagine the 'physical' person we are
really does want to keep on living. But I wonder if the soul so
desperately wants to go back home, it overrides the conscious
decision to go on. What are your thoughts on this?

Hmmm- I feel that it would have to be a little of both-although
may not always hear it, I feel that were in constant communication
with our soul-kinda like the conscious mind getting out of the way
the soul may flow with healing- one of my favorite authors Stephen
Levine, covers topics of Conscious Living/Conscious Dying-Meetings
the Edge- One book stands out - "A year to Live"-in which you are
guided into living a year as though it were your last- a quote from
Stephen is "Learn how to Meditate & Die or which ever comes first"
you really work the material it van really bring one to a deeper
> sense within their life-
It can happen any moment to anyone- are you ready? Is anyone?
Is any Death for that matter A conscious choice or unconscious-
where does free will come in when we add Death to the equation-

Irish cheer "Drink for we know not where we come from,nor why,Drink
> for we know not where we go, nor when." -

Hmm Ed, Very Deep and gives room for a lot of thought. Thank you. You
are an asset to this group.
I have included your posts on our living in the light website on
healing. They are good and I imagine I will add this one as well.
You know Ed, I had a thought after writing my last post . I think
maybe the answer lies in re-programing our dna blueprint.
In our dna blueprint it is programmed as to our death. Usually we
design several escape exits for the soul to leave.
In order to re-program this dna blueprint, we would have to go very
very deep into our inner self. I would imagine self-hypnosis may be
an avenue to take, or even regular hypnosis. Another method could be
meditation. Other's could 'believe' so much in the treatment that an
electrical current is shot to the blueprint changing it or
shortcircuiting the disease program. And of course, there is the
hands-on cure which again is the flow of energy going into the body,
thus into the dna blueprint (if successful). Group prayer is always
good too, for the fact, again sending multiple energies to the
receivor. I think the receiver should be made aware of all the
prayers so that he/she opens themselves to receive the incoming
energies. Much in the way voodo works.
My opinion on Doctors telling someone of a terminal illness and then
telling them that they only have months to live is in a sense much
like a curse. I have noticed that many cancer patients, upon hearing
the doctors prognosis die within a short time. I believe that when
the doctor tells them the bad news, they are open to him and thus
receive the negative energy of doom. The more they respect and value
this doctors opinion the more they submit to the energy suggestion.
If they accept his prognosis , their thought pattern immediately
takes over to terminate.
Here we have a delimna. We need to know if we have a disease. I go
along with that. But somehow the doctors must figure out a way to
give their diagnosis without the death sentence along with it.
I remember last year, I was in the hospital for pneumonia. The doctor
came in and gave me some bad news. I didn't accept his diagnosis and
told him so. I told him I was fine and would continue to be fine. He
was infuriated with me that I embarrassed him in front of his nurses
and said to me 'Oh don't tell me...you are one of THOSE kind of
people huh!'. I smiled and said 'yes Iam'. I realized that day, I had
two options. One was to accept his diagnosis and submit or believe in
my power of health and not submit. I chose the latter and Iam fine.
My problem though with this doctors diagnosis is no matter how I deny
it, every once in awhile the idea still pops up in my head. Every
time it does, I realize once again, the powers of voodoo. Once
something is spoken out loud to another, it remains alive. It can't
be destroyed and can be very dangerous if a person doesn't have
strong will power. Thank God I do..but then I ask myself how many
others have fallen prey to such 'curses'.
Don't get me wrong. Iam not against Doctors. Thank God we have them.
But...there are good doctors and then there are doctors that forget
the fact they are only doctors and not a God. When you deal with a
doctor on an Ego trip..watch out!
If a person falls victim to any disease, I feel the most important
thing for them to do is to maintain positive energies. Surround
themselves with positive people and have a positive doctor and health
care attendents. Nothing is absolute..including the prognosis of a
doctor. Miracles do exist and the magic surrounds us. We just need to
learn how to use this magic to create the miracle.
Mary Sutherland
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