Through the innocence of our childhood, we accepted the invisible world of our Spirituality . This was a time when the Angels
rejoiced and shared special moments with us. Without questioning, we believed in the magic of the soul.  We flew to far away
places on the back of the Grecian Pegassus and played hide and see with fairies that lived in the enchanted forests. We looked to
the sky in awe and wonder as the mighty Zeus hurled his powerful lightening bolts and covered our ears to the thunderous voices
of quarreling Gods. Our Guardian Angel became the "secret friend" that no one else could see. We rescued damsels in distress and
fought fire breathing dragons, using a magical sword found in "Grandpa's woodshed".

What happened to us? How and when did we loose our magic and the secret friends of our youth? Could it have been when
someone laughed at the idea of our "secret friend"? Or was it the time when your father checked your damsel rescue, telling you to
get your head out of the clouds and put that piece of old wood back in the woodshed? Well, I guess the time of the loss isn't as
important as the significance of it, is it? Sadly, sooner or later, the child finally loses out to life and it's lessons and the light of
spirituality surrenders to the darkness of matter.

There was a time, not so long ago, that magic was a way of life, surrounding and protecting it's  believers. A time of Moses and the
parting of the Red Sea. A time of King Arthur and Excalibur, Merlin, the sorceror and the Miracles of Christ. Going back into our
history, we can find even a greater Age. It was from this Age, we hear the accounts of flying dragons, cyclops and their third eye.
This was an Age when Angels walked with man and a race of giants ruled the Earth, known as the Titans.

Two thousand years ago, the accounts of these ancient times and it's people were universally accepted and spirituality was a way
of life.  Now we are told that these accounts of the Ancient Times were nothing but childhood fairy tales and that the practice of
spirituality (of the spirit) is supernatural, taboo or New Age nonsense.  This is an unfortunate belief because when we turned our
backs to our Spirit of Light, we stepped right into an Age of Darkness.

Lost in the darkness, we eventually came to forget the ways and wisdoms of our ancient ancestors and soon became dependent
on the teachings of man-made doctrines designed to  bind our souls to a physical world. Spirituality came to be forbidden and the
voices from "within" was coined "imagination".  The loving God of our Ancestors was replaced by a religion which blasphemed his
loving name and tagged us as poor miserable sinners, undeserving of his love and divine gifts.

A true religion, however, is a "search" for God. This search can only be achieved through the guidance of our Higher Self, where
knowledge and love reigns. Through enlightenment, spiritual faculties will open and blossom, like petals of a flower, with the
Universe backing our very efforts.  The treasures we enjoyed as a child are only a glimps to the real treasures that will be given to
us as we grow in our own spirituality.

In my youth, I attended church on Sundays, with my mother. Looking back, I remember how we would all gather outside the
church, before service. The men clustered in one group and discussed local politics and predicted the yearly crop outcomes. The
women, in another group, gossiped and exchanged recipes. We children stood around uncomfortably, wishing to be either at the
old swimming hole or fishing down at the nearby Kickapoo River. At the ringing of the church bells, we would quietly go inside and
take our seats. As the minister raised his arms, we stood and sang our first hymn of praise. Up until this point of events, I really
had no problem with church. But then would come the"dreaded" sermon with the minister preaching of this God full of wrath that
punished his children by throwing them into the burning pits of Hell. The further the minister progressed into his sermon, the
deeper I sank into my pew. By the time he finished and the collection plate was passed around, the congregation was more than
ready to pay the price for their weekly salvation!

As a child, like most of you, I believed without question the wisdom and authenticity of my elders. Only until later, in my youth, did I
start noticing certain discrepancies that made me start questioning the validity of some of their truths. We, as adults, think little of
misrepresenting the magic in life and realize less the damage done by creating fallacies. Each fallacy, brought to light, disillusions
the child, bringing on a decline of spirituality, eventually taking the light out of the child and replacing this void with darkness.

Although I may have chocked up the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus as a fallacy, the tradition religious beliefs of my youth carried and
guided me into my adulthood. Life experiences through the years, however, began shedding light on certain truths that conflicted
with those beliefs. In the beginning, true to Christian form, I denied any possibilityThat there was error in my faith. For years I
chose to ignore my Inner Voice and followed the ways of my old faith. However, the paradoxes I encountered in my religion finally
forced me to partake on a spiritual quest, which ultimately changed my life forever.

Ten years ago, I shed the cloth of my past and partook on a journey into an unknown realm, clothed only with the insatiable desire
to know the truth of my divine heritage. Knowing the possibilities of losing family, home, friends, business, wealth and virtually my
very soul, I stepped into the most frightening and rewarding experience of my life.

I set off on a journey without a map and fell into many snares and detours along the way. Without the safety net of my past, I had
to learn how to blaze my own trail. During those times, I learned that in order to appreciate the positives in my life, I needed to
experience the negatives as well.

In my quest, I came to the realization that there is not one thing that our Creator has held back from us, not of himself, his
creations, the workings of his creations, nor of his plans for us. I will go a step further with this statement in saying, "He wants us
to know."

God works through his laws and in order to find him, you need to know , understand , accept and abide by them. If you can do this,
Our Creator will share great knowledge with you, but in return, upon hearing these truths, you are then required to share them
with others. These truths , through the pages of this book, I shall now share with you.

Peace and Love Be With you.

Mary Sutherland


"You are all Greeks, young in mind. You have no belief rooted in old tradition and no knowledge hoard with age. The reason is this. There
were and will be many different calamities to destroy mankind. The greatest of them by fire and water. Lesser ones by countless other

"In our temples we have preserved, from earliest times, a written record of any great or splendid achievement or notable event which has
come to our ears, whether it occurred in your part of the world or here or anywhere else. Whereas, with you and others, writings and
other necessities of civilization have just been developed."

"When the periodic scourge descends and spares none but the unlettered and uncultured, you will once again begin, like children, in
complete ignorance of what happened in earlier times in our part of the world or in yours."

"You remember only one deluge, though there has been many and you do not know that the finest and best race of men that ever existed
lived in your country. You and yur fellow citizens are descended from the few survivors that remained." Salon

Chapter One

A Greek philosopher once said, "Worship the gods, if you must, but your first duty is to find out who and what you are." By studying
our ancestrial roots, we can open a window to our true selves, discovering that our inheritance is far above and beyond our wildest

The Masters of the Far East have compared our souls to a beautiful queen who has wandered from her palace. Becoming lost and
disorientated, her mind clouds to her real identity. Because of this, the lost queen sheds her royal robes, dresses herself in rags
and begins a new life for herself as a pauper, begging for the meager crumbs of her own inheritance.

Little known to the majority of mankind exists a special book that describes Cosmic Evolution and explains to us the origin of
everything here on earth. The only name given to this parent volume is "The Very Old Book."  It is so old that modern antiquarians
are still mystified over it's real age. And none have determined the nature of the fabric it was written on. Although there is only one
original copy in existence, this book has been used as the foundation stone for all religions. Tradition has it that it was written in
"Sen-Zar", the language of the Divine Beings. These special messengers dictated it to the Sons of Light, in Central Asia, at the
beginning of the Fifth Race of Man. The Book of Numbers and the Pentateuch originated from this very book.

In the beginning, all information of our Creation was passed on verbally. Accounts were told to the first children of the first Races by
the Angelic messengers and teachers. As an aide to help people remember events and gods, stories were used and mythology was
born. Mythology was symbolic, using symbols to represent everything from gods to deeds. One symbol could illustrate what a
hundred words could not.

From the sense of wonder and awe of mythology, religion was born in an attempt to connect us to our creator. After which, religion
was then transformed into theology, reducing it into codes and creeds based on each faith's interpretation of the symbols within
the myth. Theology literally changed the poetry into prose. For example, God is "up there" , this is what he literally "thinks" and this
is the way you have to behave to have the proper relationship with 'him'.

With each myth or religious doctrine, if you dig deep enough, you will find the same common seeds among them all. If you dig even
deeper, you will find the common message that creates the thread that links man back to his creator.

The myth that has plagued man and woman for so long is the Creation stories. These were not born from Christianity, but carries
it's roots from the four corners of the world ie:

Genesis: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon
the face of the deep."
Arizona Pima Indians: "In the beginning there was only darkness everywhere, darkness and water. And the darkness gathered
thick in places, crowding together and then separating, crowding and separating"
Hindu Upanishads: "In the beginning, there was only the Great Self reflected in the form of a person. Reflecting, it found nothing
but Itself. Then it's first word was "This I Am". "

Genesis1: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God
blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply."
Bassari People of West Africa: "Umumbotte made a human being. It's name was Man. Unumbotte next made an antelope, name
Antelope. Unumbotte made a snake, named Snake. And Unumbotte said to them, "The earth has not yet been pounded. You must
pound the ground smooth where you are sitting." Unumbotte gave them seeds of all kinds, and said, "Go plant these."

Genesis2: "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the hosts of them. And on the seventh day, God finished his
work which he had done,"
Pima Indians: "I made the world and lo, the world is finished. Thus I made the world, and lo! The world is finished."

Genesis: "And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good."
Upanishads: "Then he realized, I indeed, I am this creation, for I have poured it forth from myself. In that way he became his
creation. Verily, he who know this becomes in this creation a creator."

Genesis: "Have you eaten of the tree of which I commanded you not to eat?". The man said, "The woman gave me fruit of the tree,
and I ate."
The Bassari: " One day Snake said, We too should eat these fruits. Why must we go hungry?" Antelope said, But we don't know
anything about this fruit." Then man and his wife took some of the fruit and ate it. Unumbotte came down from the sky and asked
"Who ate the fruit?" They answered, "We did." Unumbotte asked, "Who told you that you could eat this fruit." They both replied,
"Snake did."

As you see, even though we are given different cultures, and each living in a different land, the stories are very similar in nature. In
each case the culprit seems to be Snake. But Snake should not be taken "literally". Here Snake is used symbolically representing
"the fall into generation" of lives reincarnation. Just as the moon sheds  it's shadow to be born again, so does the serpent shed it's

Snake, in most cultures was given a positive interpretation. In India, for example, the cobra is held sacred and the mythological
Serpent King is next to Buddha. It represents the power of life engaged in the field of time and of death, yet eternally alive. The
world is but it's shadow, the falling skin.

It is also revered in the American Indian cultures and thought of as a very important power to be friends with. The Hopi have a
snake dance where they take the snakes in their mouths and make friends with it.

The Burmese have a snake priestess who brings rain to her people by climbing up a mountain path, calling a king cobra from his
den and kissing him three times on the nose. He we see the cobra as the Giver of Life, the Giver of Rain, as a divine and positive

Man is dual in nature. One nature is of the Lower Self, represented by Snake. The other nature is Spiritual, represented by the
Eagle. The Serpent is earth bound and the Eagle has access to spiritual flight. When the two come together, you then find the
symbol of the Dragon. With this transformation, the Serpent overcomes his Earthly plight. He overcomes the re-cycling of life here
on earth. Through out all points of this earth, you see the universal sign of the Dragon, whether it be Polynesian, Iroquois, Egyptian
or Chinese, the image is the same as well as the message behind  it.

According to the Ancient Creation stories, the First Race of the evolutionary round of mankind, started during the Age of Satya Yuga,
known as the Golden Age of Man. In the beginning, the "collective" man, Adam Solars, had no physical substance. They were of an
astral form, an image, and astral double of their lunar ancestors, the seven Pistris, who reigned over them up to the Third Race or
Round. The Imperishable Sacred Island was the cradle for this first man and will also be the dwelling place for the last divine mortal
chosen for the future seed of humanity (Genesis 1 gives the account of this first creation)

The First Race gradually evolved into the Second and came to be known as the Adam/Eve or Jod/Heva. Their ethereal (spiritual)
bodies of the First Race became clothed with a shell of physical substance. They inhabited the Hyperborean Continent during the
Miocene Age, then having a tropical Climate. The Greeks of Homer claimed that this continent was "The Lands of the Gods,  the
favorite home of Apollo, the God of Light. (An allegorical reference to this second creation can be found in Genesis II)

The Second Race eventually emerged into the Third Race or Round. In the early stage of the Third Race, mankind was
Hermaphrodite (two separate bodies attached together as one). To ensure the survival of the human seed for the future races or
man, it became a logical necessity to separate the woman, biblically known as Eve from man, biblically known as Adam. (It was only
at this point of our evolution did we begin reproduction as we know it today.)

The Third Race falls easily into the same time frame as the Tertiary Period, placing mankind here as the counterpoise of the
Pterodactyl and Plesiosaurus, biblically and myth logically referred to as Dragons, flying camels and sea monsters. The first
discovery giving credence to these accounts was in Germany, when archeologists discovered a semi-preserved Pterodactyle
measuring seventy-five feet in length with vigorous wings attached to it's  reptilian body. (In the Book of Isaiah, we red 'the viper
and the flying serpent gave the land trouble and anguish.

With the separation of the sexes, man was then able to procreate his own kind. In the Generation of Adam, Genesis V, we see that
the first son born to Adam, in his own likeness, was Seth. This birth sets off the beginning of
the Fourth Race. Take note here that
in Generation of Adam there is no reference to Caine and Abel, with good reason. Caine and Abel were not the sons of Adam and
Eve. They were their allegorical permutations! Caine represents the male, the tiller of the earth. Abel represents the female, Eve,
the keeper of the sheep or 'vessel for the seed of mankind'.

The Sons of God walked with man in those earlier days, protecting and guiding him, both physically and mentally. Through the use
of their 'spiritual' third eye, man was given the joys of telepathy and spiritual perception. From these stories of the Fourth Race, we
come to know the mythical Cyclops. Through time, accounts of the 'spiritual' third eye became confused with that of a physical
feature, or that of a third physical eye found in the center of the forehead.

In the Fourth Race a double evolution took place. The evolution of the Spiritual Dhyanis and the evolution of mankind. The Dhyais,
Sons of Wisdom, were intelligences or conscious spirits that needed to experience further wisdom for their heavenly evolution. This
could ONLY be achieved through the human consciousness. BUT up until this point of time, man did not have this "spark"of

To accomplish the further evolutions of the two, the Dhyanis needed to enter the physical body of man and create the "spark" of  
conscious intelligence. This took place on the half-way point of the minor Manyantara Cycle. With the ingression of the Dhyanis,
intellectual activities were created in man, as well as the ability to speak. The "spark" of intelligence worked greater within the
more advanced man than it did for the lesser advanced. And for some, the "spark" didn't  work at all and they remained "mindless".

Genesis VI refers to the people of that time as the "Sons of the Sons of God",  the Giants of Old and the Men of renown. When
mankind was given the spark" of  intelligence, or (as the Bible eloquently states, "ate the forbidden fruit", he became dual in
nature. His first nature was a spiritual endowment, giving him the sense of his divinity. The second nature was of the "lower man"
bearing the instinctual patterns attributed to the animal kingdom. The struggle between the two natures began there and has
continued up to today.

The ones able to conquer their lower principles by obtaining mastery over their bodies, joined the "Sons of Light",  known biblically
as Able/Eve. Those who fell victims to their lower nature joined the forces of the "Sons of Darkness", known as Caine/Adam, falling
into generations of rebirth, Karma.

Up until this time, mankind lived in Paradise. He had no reason for religion, because he was one with his Creator, feeling more like
that of a child to his or her father. Gods walked the earth and mixed freely with mortal man, but when Adam fell into generation, the
Gods departed (became invisible to man). With the desire to bring back the gods into their lives, religion was born and sacrifices
were offered.

The Atlanteans of the Fourth Race were the progenies of the semi-divine man of Adam and delivered the first sacrifice to the "God
of Matter".  Referring back again to Genesis IV, Caine, "The Tiller of Earth", sacrificed ˜the fruit of the earth, while Abel brought to
God "The first of his flock."  THE MYSTERY OF CAIN AND ABEL, explains to us that the murder of Abel by Caine was not that of "taking
of life", but the "shedding of blood".  We also learn the identity of the Fallen Angels as Humanity itself and the demons are the Five
Deadly Passions of Humanity.

Upon receiving "conscious thought", man started developing the negative characteristics of desire and greed, which then began to
contaminate the pure spirit within. Through the thoughts of greed and desire, we fell into generation. Worship degenerated into
self-worship and then into Phallicism. Here we find mankind's first war, shedding the blood of it's own kind. As man's mind opened,
so did his eyes and the sense of desire. Seeing his brothers'  wives more fair to look upon, battles were called, brothers were killed
and the women were taken for their own.

Before the Deluge, references are made to the "Divine Dynasties", which preceded the "human kings".  Through the guidance of
divine rulers, large cities were built, art and science were cultivated. The knowledge of astronomy, architecture and mathematics
were given to mankind. Co-existing with the cultured and civilized man who had received the "spark" of the of the Dhyanis were the
"Mindless Ones".  Although they had received the spark, it did not take, leaving them without thought and ape-like. To allow this
mindless race to die out naturally, a law was created strictly prohibiting the mixed breeding of spark and non-spark individuals.
Although this was for the good of the future of mankind, the laws were broken, creating a new branch of evolution.

This was the point in time that the intelligence of the soul first began to develop into an active state of self-consciousness. We
begin now seeing man spreading out into other regions and developing their own cultures and civilizations. Some chose to live in
the divine cities and enjoy the culture thriving within. Others partook to living nomadic lives venturing continuously forward in
search of new lands to rear their families. And then there were still the mindless man/creatures that lived a simple life, barely
knowing how to build a fire, let alone protect themselves from the ravishes of the world. (Easter Island's gigantic statues still stand
today, giving witness to this time and to the gods that ruled the earth and its people.)

Here we find Genesis's Race of Giants that we know today as the Atlanteans of Lank and the Greek Titans. A race of giants should
not be hard to believe, considering that the Titans, legendary for their size and superhuman physical strength, lived during the
Mesozoic and Cenozoic Period, known as the Age of Gigantic Creatures and Dinosaurs. The Great Deluge wiped out most of this
giant race, but according to biblical accounts, some did survive.

Remnants of the Anakim, a giant race, lived in Gaza, Gath and Ashdod during the time of Joshua (Joshua 11:21), "And at that time
came Joshua and cut off the Anakims from the mountains, from Hebron, from Debir, from Anab, from all the mountains of Judah and
from all the mountains of Israel. Joshua destroyed them utterly with their cities." (Joshua 11:22) "There was none of the Gath and
in Ashdod that remained (remnants).

We have all heard the story of David slewing the Philistine giant, Goliath. The accounts from Numbers and Joshua describe him to
be nine to eleven feet tall. The Book of Samuel tells of other Raphaims, "David and his men also killed three of them besides
Goliath", Benob, whose spear weighed three hundred shekels. Saph, a Philistine giant, of the Race of Rapha. The brother of Goliath,
The Gittite of Gath, whom was a giant with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. (Excavations of mounds and caves
have today yielded skeletons of these people, showing heights of nine to twelve feet tall. In a Himalayan cave, archeologists found
the remains of giant humans and animals.)

The face of the earth has changed many times before it became what we see of it today. Since humanity first came into existence,
there has been at least four axial disturbances or wobbles, changing the entire appearance of our earth. As continents sank into
the sea, others appeared. Severe climate changes caused a great migration of both man and animal. This was a time of "survival of
the fittest" The weak died off and their sub-races became extinct, with their cultures dying with them. The strong survived to create
another race and carry on their cultures.

The Delta of Egypt and Northern Africa, during the Fourth Race, belonged to Europe. An upheaval of the continent changed the
entire face of Europe and caused the submersion of Atlantis. The final disappearance of the Atlantean lands coincide with the rising
of the Himalayas and the Alps, the North American inland sea and inversions of the earth's magnetic pole. It is during these catalytic
events that the stories of the great deluges (floods) began appearing around the world. Beginning in the earliest Tertiary Periods
and continuing for a long period of time, these disturbances eventually destroyed the last remnant of Plato's Atlantis.

The Fifth Race had emerged from the Fourth before the final destruction of Atlantis. Specific archeological discoveries have shown
that the citizens of Atlantis and the Minoans were one in the same. The fabled apocalypse that sank the last remnant of Atlantis
overnight is supported through a trail of evidence, leading to the small island of Santorini. The ruins of the Minoan Land, 75 km
north of Crete, can still be seen lying under the waters near Santorini. In 1470 B.C., the volcanic mountain erupted, filling the sky
with ash and blotting out the sun. It's eruption was so powerful, the lands of Egypt were sprayed with fire from the sky, a rain of
ash and a giant tsunami wave. (The disasters resulting from Santorini are what is biblically known as the plagues of Moses.)

In the beginning of the Fifth Race, The Gods re-descended from the heavens and re-established kingdoms on Earth. They
communicated once again with man, re-establishing the laws to govern by and put into the ears of the prophets things to come.
One language was given to all and man was taught to write and keep records once again. These records were recorded on papyri,
monuments and clay tablets. The Egyptians used the "divine" knowledge to build pyramids. The exterior of these pyramids
illustrates the given principles of geometry, astrology and astronomy. The interior walls witnessed the initiation of the great
knowledge of the ancients.

The late Bronze Age is believed to be the Canaanite Period and the Iron Age started the Israelite Period. In this latter Age, the
Hebrew practice of monotheism was established through their prophet, Moses. Monotheism however, was not the belief of the
populous. The worshipping of multiple Gods still remained the accepted form of worship until the days of Pope Constantine.

During his reign, the doors to the distant past and it's history of our roots became closed to us. There were those that dedicated
their entire lives to the destruction of all evidence of the ancient history. From that time on, any teaching of this history was labeled
with "taboo" innuendos and became known as "occult" or "Magick". Their attempts for total elimination, however, were not
completely successful. But successful enough to darken the pages of the Pre-Christian Era with bigotry and intolerance.

Thousands and perhaps millions of MSS were destroyed in the Holy Crusades. Monuments with inscriptions and pictorial symbols
were pulverized to dust. Bands of hermits and ascetics roamed from cities to country sides, from mountain to deserts, with the
mission of seeking and destroying anything that was not of the "new faith" of monotheism. Islams and Christians alike, so loyal to
their faith, declared war against anyone not willing to obey their doctrines. They won the loyalties of the conquered people by the
point of a sword, turning the earth red with the blood of any that opposed them.

Cycles, abiding by the Law of Time and Motion, were designed to govern our lives. They create and recreate events that influence
our thought patterns. By studying our cyclic history we can achieve a greater understanding of where we are today and how we fit
into the plan of our Creator.

Over two thousand years ago, we came into the Piscean age, known to be a negative cycle. In this Age, the strong ruled over the
weak. To prepare the people for the events to come, Avatars (Sons of God) were sent to the world to instruct the people, once
again, of God's Law. Christ was one among the Sons of God that came to teach. He taught us to know man by looking to the
heavens and gave to his disciples the Laws that governed nature and man. The earlier Christians understood the wisdom of
astrology, which can be seen interplaying symbolically throughout their traditions. For example, we see the Christians adapting the
Piscean sign of the fish to represent their new religion. Pisces rules "the feet", which was symbolically honored through the
Christian purification act of ‘washing of the feet’.

The early Christians and their traditions were later replaced by more contemporary ideas of the times. Through the thousands of
years since Christianity began, the bible has been revised so many times, that much of the truism of the early church has been lost
to us or at the very best misinterpreted.
Chapter Three

The idea of sin has always been used as an anchor to weigh us down and bind our Higher Self.  But what does sin really mean and
how does it apply to us?

The word, sin, in itself, is just an earthly term created by man to define a negative or adverse condition. We have been given just
enough information on sin to live a life of "false security" and  become bigots to our fellow man. We go to church, live a good
Christian  life, do our charitable deeds and march with the airs of good Christian soldiers, making war against our brothers and
sisters, proclaiming them to be  poor miserable sinners! Our intentions may have , as we falsely thought,  been honorable. But
"before" we pass judgment on another, we best understand the nature of the crime and how it can and will affect us.

In our ignorance of the truth, we assume if something is of a negative nature, it would naturally be against God and thus be sinful,
ie. Fear, anger, pride, lust, selfishness, etc. Through knowledge of the truth, we come to realize that the "sinful" nature of man is
nothing other than the instinctual acts of our Lower Self, given to us , as well as the animal kingdom, as tools for survival. For
example: If an animal can feel fear, it will flee from danger. Aggression gives it the heart to take down it's prey, so it can feed.
Anger is necessary to provide the inner strength needed to defend itself from attack. Selfishness has it's attributes in protecting
one's possession of food and family from the ravishing of others. Lust is nothing more than the instinct given to us for the survival
of the species.

In themselves, these passions are completely benign. But once man was given the "spark" of intelligence, he became with
"thought".  With this ability to think, man evolved past his instinctual patterns and fell under the influence of "desire" and "self-
indulgence".  Because of this, he opened himself to what the Ancient's refer to as the Deadly Passions, Kam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and
Anankar. These five negative passions are controlled by our Ego. We inherited them in our childhood and they will continue to live
with us through our entire lives. The degree of their control, however, is completely up to us.

Man is born with a dual nature. We have two separate entities living in the shell of our physical body. One you already know, which
we all mistake for our personality and true self.  This is the Ego, which controls our Lower Self, the Instinctual Man. The Ego
identifies itself to us as the "false" belief of what we think of ourselves.  This is your biblical analogy of the "Devil".  The greatest
protection Ego has is our denial of it's existence. Ego can be described as your "I"  Self. (I want this, I need that, I will.) Ego uses
the five deadly passions as it's soldiers, known to us biblically as "demons". Through ignorance, we are left defenseless against
them, keeping us in a state of turmoil and confusion.

The second entity that lives within us is our "Higher Self", our God Self or Holy Spirit.  This is a direct connection to our Divine
Inheritance, an emanation of pure unconditional love. The qualities of your Higher Self are love, compassion, charity, forgiveness
and understanding. Only through the Higher Self and it's  "angels of virtue" can you overcome the"demons" of the Ego. These
Angels hover over us and are ready to help on a moment's notice, but they cannot help us unless we first ask.  Below is a list of the
demons, the angels that counteract them and their virtues.

Demons               Angels                        Virtues
Kam                     Shil                             Chastity, Continence
Krodh                   Ksharma                      Forgiveness, Tolerance
Lobh                    Santosha                      Contentment
Moh                     Viveka                         Discrimination
                      Vairagya                      Detachment
Ahankar                Dinta                           Humility

We must realize that there is not one single person, in this world, that is without fault. I can back this with the very words of Christ
when he said, "He who is without sin, cast the first stone." Ego has kept us in the darkness to our own inequities. We may try to
live a righteous life, but until we are able to call upon our Higher Self and it's Angels, we are fighting a losing battle.  We can never
let our guard down. The battle between Virtue and Passion will continue for the rest of our lives.

Through our vanity, supplied by Ego, many of us will say, "I  like my life and I like myself. I live a good life and I don''t  hurt
anyone."  Unfortunately, we don't  know who we are. We only know what Ego has "allowed" us to become. We have no idea what
our personalities and life would be like if we turned it over to our Higher Self. Ego has governed our lives since childhood and until
we choose other than Ego, it will continue to rule over us.

Let yourself, for one moment, consider Ego and the Higher Self as your two roommates. The landlord has told you one of these
roomies must leave and it is now up to you to decide which one goes and which one stays. Now one of these roomies attacks you
every chance he gets. At every opportunity he is either lying , cheating or stealing from you. He forces you into unhealthy acts and
then even laughs at your misery!  This roomy doesn't want to share. He wants to isolate and keep you for himself . He convinces  
you that you are so much better than anyone else which then creates conflict and tension with you and your other friends. This
roomy creates total confusion and chaos!

Now let's  take a look at the other roomy. Roomy 2 is a nice quiet fellow. He is steady and reliable. You can depend on his help at a
moment's notice. Loving you, he gives and asks nothing in return. When you are in his presence, the chaos and pain caused from
Roomy No. 1 is forgotten and replaced with feelings of peace and contentment.

Hmmm...Let me think now. Which one would you chose for your roommate. Roomy 1, Mr. Ego or Roomy 2, Higher Self?  I know which
one I chose!

Ego and his demons can never be evicted from your life, like that of the roommate. But through knowledge of their existence and
their method of attack you can, at least, guard yourself from falling into their snares. I have listed below these demons and have
given suggestions on how to combat their attacks.

Kam (lust). In it's normal function, it is entirely appropriate. But when it is allowed to run into an abnormal demand, it becomes
destructive and degrading. With Kam you do not control the habit, it controls you. This can apply to sex, alcohol, drugs, food,
cigarettes, addiction to love and the approval of others, etc. It is the compulsive thought that you need something ‘external’
to avoid suffering.

The first step in combating Kam is to recognize the passion as a tool being used by your Ego to keep you in its control. You must
turn your attention from the 'false' self of the Ego to the 'true' Higher Self. Your Higher Self needs no exterior stimulants to know
happiness and contentment. Accept the idea that you are not your body and you can overcome the cravings of your exterior self. As
you put your strength in your Higher Self, the Ego weakens and the craving from Kam become less and less and finally extinguishes.

Krodh (Anger). This is a demonic attack which causes confusion and chaos in your mind. Anger destroys peace, engenders hatred
and turns individuals and groups into enemies. Krodh is the extreme opposite of love and goodness, tearing down and destroying
the qualities of your soul. It leaves a trail of suffering. In the end, Krodh leaves its victim but a wreck of his/her true self, burned out
and spiritually dead. Influenced by Krodh, you see yourself as always right and justified to lash out at anyone that goes against
your way of thinking. You send out negative vibrations that are received and returned by others, causing your life to be lived under
a dark cloud of unhappiness.

To eliminate the demons of Krodh, you must shift your attitude to the positive side of your Higher Self. By overcoming negativity
through a positive approach, Krodh will reluctantly surrender, giving way to the peaceful bliss of the Higher Self. Learn to forgive.
This does not only apply to others, but to yourself. Learn to live your life, unattached to the opinions of the world. Keep in mind
"You live in this world, but are not of it."

Mother Teresa summed it up quite well in this excerpt from her book, 'A Simple Path'.

People are unreasonable, illogical and selfish
Love them anyway.
If you do good, there will be people who accuse you of selfish motives.
Do good anyway.
If you are successful, you will make unreal friends and real enemies
Be successful anyway.
Your good deeds will be forgotten tomorrow
Do good deeds anyway.
Honesty and frankness makes you vulnerable
Be honest and frank anyway.
What has cost you years to build, can be destroyed very quickly
Build anyway.
People who need help can attack you when you help them.
Help them anyway.
When you do your utmost for mankind, you will often get small thanks for your pains
Do your utmost anyway.
Mother Teresa.

Lobh (greed). This passion binds us to material things, clouding our minds to what is of real importance, such as family, friends and
God. Wealth becomes it's master and the holder of Lobh becomes a slave to it.  Here we find Dicken's misery Ol' Scrooge, patting
himself on the back for his ambition and condemning those less fortunate as lazy and worthless. Pity, love and kindness are
considered no longer tributes by the victims of Lobh.

Avoid the shallow Lobh by again turning to the Higher Self. Learn to surrender your ambitions. In doing so, you will then be given
the heavenly treasures of love and peace.

Moh, (attachment). Moh comes in the disguise of a gentleman with credentials. The holders here are the ones that have to hold up
to appearances by "keeping up to the Jones".  Moh keeps its victims so busy working that they forget to enjoy the pleasures that
God gave them in life. Forgetting to 'stop and smell the roses', worries, anxieties and business complications follow these victims to
their graves. While their whole existence was dedicated to perpetuating their physical appearance to the world, upon approaching
death, they realize that they were in a race without a finishing line and have accomplished nothing. Naked you come into the world
and naked you shall leave. Their only accomplishments in life were like that of the mouse which was  continuously spinning the
wheel,  going around and around and still going nowhere.

We need to learn to discriminate from what is of importance in our life and what Moh tries to make us see as important. We need to
detach ourselves from our materialistic values and focus on our spiritual path, enjoying life and it's beauty, while we are still here to
experience it.

Ahankar, (vanity). This is the hardest passion of all to defeat. It is your "Pride". Self-righteousness is one of the most prevalent
symptoms of this passion. The chief function of Ahankar is to block the path of Truth. The victims of this passion will see the
imperfections of others, but they will never see their own. In our society, we try to make ourselves unique. We compare ourselves
to others and judge accordingly. We label ourselves and then tag everyone and everything. We  "tag" according to our weight,
color of skin, nationality, financial and educational status, our pain, our beauty, age, achievements and failures. Even when our
Golden Years set in and take away our 'winning edge', Anankar still holds on through remembrances and 'braggart' stories of our
youth. Our competitive drive keeps us from remembering who we really are and why we are here.  We get so caught up in the
game, we lose sight that we are all on the same team.

Our thoughts and behavior are habits that have been developed from childhood. They come from life experiences, including the life
beliefs that we have received from well-meaning people. Interesting enough, research has shown us that people who were taught
to believe without questioning, as a child, are the most prejudice and closed minded. This way of teaching prevents the child from
developing a mind of his/her own.

To overcome Ahanka, we need to keep our minds on our Higher Self. We need to learn how to interpret for ourselves. In the words
of Buddha, "Be a lamp unto yourself. Hold to the truth from within."  When you come to allow the Higher Self to rule, the "Self"will
no longer reign in Judgmental comparisons of yourself or your fellow players.
Chapter Two

No religion, in itself, should be condemned and certainly not the congregation that have so blindly followed their faiths. What should
be condemned is the abuse of religion through manipulation, persecution and bigotry.

In each period of history a religion has sprung up to satisfy some particular need of the people for the time. In it's proper context,
religion is a good thing, but it should always be seen as a "service"...not as the "The Last Word of God".  In the following,
Vivekananda makes the distinction between church and God. "The end of all religions is the "realization" of God."He goes on to say,
"A man may believe in all the churches in the world; he may carry in his head all the sacred books ever written; he may baptize
himself in all the rivers of the earth--still if he has no "realization" of God, I would class him with the rankest of atheist.  And a man
may have never entered a church or a mosque, nor performed a ceremony; but if he "realized" God within himself, and is thereby
lifted above the vanities of the world, that man is a holy man, a saint, call him what you will."  Doctor Julian, 'The Path of the
Masters', goes even further to say, and I quote, "It is good to be born in a church, but it is bad to die there. Just as it is good to be
born a child, but bad to remain a child. Churches, ceremonies, and symbols are good for children, but when the child is grown, he
must burst, either the church or himself."

There has been countless numbers of books written on the subject of God, religion and spiritualism. We have been told to believe
in God, but the description of God as to whom he really is and how we interact with him, and he with us,  has always been very
vague.  It has been told to me that the reason for this is because most of those trying to describe God have never experienced or
"realized" him.  Their descriptions are based only upon a "feeling"...not a "realization". The basic idea is that "God must be real to
us. Not a mental concept."When most people say that they love God, they are simply expressing an emotion super induced by a
suggestion.  It has nothing to do with a God-Realization or Knowing God.  Religion has failed to make God real to us.  The best that
it has achieved has been to help us feel closer to "their" perception of him or her.

At the time, Christ came into this world, we were in need of a spiritual teacher. There was no set religion. It was more or less a
religion of choice, worshipping whatever God one felt most comfortable with.  Christ came with the word of Truth, teaching of
Unconditional Love and Compassion. The heart that carried so much love was pierced by a Roman Spear. Both Roman and Jew
conspired to kill the only man of that time willing to go forth to the general populous and give to them the true message of our
Creator. Such are the ways of religious bigotry and blindness.

"Blessed are those that are pure in heart, for they shall see God."The western world has never had the remotest idea of the real
meaning behind this statement. Christ was trying to tell us that we need to have the purity of a child to enter the kingdom of
heaven and that this could be done right here on Earth, during our lifetime. We did not need to wait until death. A clean mind and a
pure heart are the only necessary ingredients for such an achievement. He was trying to tell us that we need to erase everything
that we have been taught and relearn the wisdom of the Ages , which has survived the tests of time. How this is done constitutes
the main theme of this book.
People who know that there are such things  need no further confirmation
People not wanting to know are  free to say that "One tells them fairy tales".
Carl Jung

Chapter Four

Before we condemn Ego and it's passions we must realize that they are a necessary evil needed to provide us with conscious
awareness. Ego and it's  passions are the very keys needed for mankind's spiritual evolution!

Before our physical birth, we made a choice as to what purposes we wished to achieve on the Earth Plane, in order to evolve our
souls. Soon after our birth our spiritual memories become blocked. Without the conscious awareness of our life missions, we
become lost souls, (lost sheep), wandering  the earth, struggling to find a safe haven to call home. Like a person drowning , we
grab the first thing we see to stay afloat. We hold on to that little bit of security so blindly and passionately that we lose sight of
the safe land within swimming distance. Knowing that this is in our nature, the Creator  purposely uses Ego and it's demons to
create the  needed dilemmas which ultimately force us to leave our 'safe zones' and move on again with our life journey..

Throughout our lives we keep searching for plateaus of security. When we do find one, we become comfortable and feel a false
sense of safety. We try to remain there, becoming complacent and spiritually lazy. Only through the conflict and struggle brought
on by Ego do we finally come to a point in our lives that we want an alternative to life as we have known it. At this point, we finally
reach conscious awareness and begin our path back to our heavenly home.

I see our life journey  comparable to a book containing many chapters. Within each chapter are 'life lessons', used to guide and
instruct us. These lessons are followed by a test. Just like any other test, we either pass or we fail.  If we studied the chapter
(become consciously aware), learned from it and made the right choices in our lives, we pass and go on to the next chapter in our
lives. If not, well back to the lesson my friend. We will continue to stay in this rut until we finally get it right. Some people learn
quickly and move on. Others never manage to get past the first chapter, repeating their life mistakes over and over again.

Our Ego has controlled us in the past, binding us in darkness and confusion. The key that opens the doors of bondage are
provided through our Higher Self. By choosing the path of your Higher Self, you then begin to experience the Light of Truth and

Although your Spiritual Self was born into a physical body, you must accept that you are not of this world and you are of a dual
nature. Your spiritual nature holds the memories of sacred places which are always pulling you back home.  To illustrate this, I
quote C.S. Lewis's  profound words. "
If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable
explanation is that I was made for another world."

The Buddhists believe that by conquering our fears, we will overcome all  of our physical limitations. Ego has harnessed our full
potential by creating "false labels" for ourselves and others, giving us the misconception that "we are the past" . Labeling creates
an identity crisis which separates us from our True and Collective Self. By falsely identifying ourselves, we become our nationality,
our weight, sex, education, job, recreation, etc. Ego has had us carrying the burdens of the past like a shield, giving us justification
to blame our problems of today on incidences that occurred in the past ie. My spouse cheated on me, I was an abuse victim, I had
bad experiences in the war, I came from a split family, one of my parents was an alcoholic, my family was poor, etc.

To break from the past, we must see it for what it really is. We must give thanks to the people and events that were instrumental
in forcing us to move on in our spiritual lives. NOW is the time to start wiping your slate clean of the residues of the past. KNOW
your 'true self' as a Child of God and ACCEPT your birthright and heritage. THROW away the limitations of your Lower Self and
become BORN AGAIN, through your Higher Self, your Christos.

Conscious Awareness is demonstrated in the words from the Lord's Prayer, "Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven.
Recognize that God is always with us and Heaven is where God Is. The Higher Self does not distinguish between Earth and
Heaven. The Ego, however, believing Earth to be home, tries to distinguish between the two.  By rising above Ego and being with
your Higher Self, Heaven is then known here on Earth. On Earth, as it is in Heaven, there is no judgment, possessions are
immaterial and happiness is perpetual. By accepting we are all part of the ALL THAT IS , Heaven here on Earth can be realized.

As life hits you with one of its learning lessons, try something different this time. Instead of becoming self-absorbed with these
obstacles, try using them as a 'calling'.  Learn from them and use them to love others. After all, isn't that what your life calling is all
about? To Love and Be Love.  Don't worry about the past nor the future. Life is in the moment of the Now. The past is but a
moment, as is the future. Go in the Now, knowing that there is nothing to prove to God. He delivered your soul to this Earth Plane
already fully equipped to accomplish your life mission. Your Higher Self knows what to do. Trust it.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." Edgar Allen Poe

Chapter Five

Our Reality Is Only An Illusion of what we physically 'perceive' something to be. The mysteries of time and space have perplexed
men of science throughout the Ages. By discarding old beliefs about reality, doors can be opened for new realizations.  R.B. Fuller,
Synergetics, suggests that time is an experience. Aristotle, Descartes and Newton observed it as independent and objective.
McTaggart claimed Time was conceptual and subjective. Kant, Husserl and Heidegger said that it was intuitional. Einstein described
it as relative.  Parmenides, Zeno and Buddhism have explained it as  non-existent or an illusion.

Both Time and Space are the internal creations of man's consciousness or thought, not existing until we 'observe' it. Time is related
to the speed of our reality as light waves. We perceive the reality of Time and Space through our visual system. Quantum
mechanics, using subatomic experiments, can now show us that time is a wave function that collapses as we measure it, through
observation. The only reason man and his measurement of time, through a clock, compliment each other is because the two
entities 'share the same reality'.

When we are not looking at a clock, our physical metabolic rate governs the rate at which Time flows. Many factors enter into the
speed of metabolism ie. Age, sex, drugs, velocity compared to speed, boredom, excitement, mental states such as sleep. A fast
metabolism will cause Time to run slow and a slow metabolism will cause Time to run fast. As we age, or metabolic rate slows,
thus, Time passes at a faster rate. Sleep is a state of extreme slowing of the metabolic rate, causing Time to pass very quickly. In a
period of extreme fear, such as being in an auto accident, our visual and consciousness operates at a very high speed, slowing
down the reality of Time.

The electrical of the brain gives us a direction to Time and the processing speed of neurons determine the speed in which our
reality happens. Time is only a by-product of events which are used to give us a sense of the before and after. If we had no
events, we would have no Time.

Emanuel Kant theorized a noumena factor in which there is some physical reality or energy field 'out thre' that sends signals to us
at the speed of light. The noumena or 'things in themselves' send signals to become what we experience as our own personal
reality. What he believe these things to be are the photons we experience with our eyes. Kant's theory could then be indicative to
the old adage, "our  eyes are the gateway  or windows to the soul".

Albert Einstein dedicated the latter part of his life to the study of Time. He also agreed that the concept of Time only existed in the
minds of man and relative only to the observer.  He referred to it as a 'persistant illusion',  which did not exist outside the linear
world. Einstein believed that all events (past, present and future) were clumped together and happened simultaneously. So as not
to overload man's neurological system, the brain creates a separation or a flow of time between different events.

Einstein also theorized that the speed of the external reality, coming at us as well as the direction of Time (past, present and
future) is governed by the speed of light. Recent "faster than light" photon experiments now support the theory that the past,
present and future does happen at once. These experiments demonstrate that when a photon traveled faster than light, it arrived
at the detector BEFORE it was emitted. While this may seem to you logically impossible, it can be made sense of only if the cause
(the emission of the photon) and the effect (the photon's arrival) both existed 'out there', side by side, both happening at once
before the experiment took place. What has happened here is the 'faster than light velocity' simply
reversed the order of our visual
sense of our perceived reality.

Kant theorized neuomenas give us our reality in signals, small separate quantum-sized chunks, at a rate of which our brain and
visual system can tolerate at each given moment. The physical separating of these signals, by our consciousness playback, gives
us the phenomenon of Time. Here again, Kant demonstrates that if the signal should be given to us faster than light, we would
view it in a reversed order.

Both Einstein and Kant saw Time as a form of human intuition and that man is the actualizer of all the possible events that take
place in the external world. Both believed that Time does not exist in True Reality, but is essentially only a by product of man. Time
is the ordering of all the possible events that our braindecides to decode for our external reality.  

Minkowski and Einstein's Space-Time theories suggested that all Times co-existed and that even a single atom, which exists for us
here, also exists at other times and other places. Meaning, although on separate planes, our deaths, our lives, every decision we
have made or will make,  from the beginning to the end of the Universe, are all out there inhabiting their own present time.

The Philadelphia Project proved to us that Time, as we know it, is a transformation of energy from one form to another. Our very
thoughts can move atoms from one existence to another. Although if this is an indication to you that our lives would then be
pre-destined, you would be wrong.  Existing  'out there' are 'all' possible future events of the Universe but Mankind was given the
'free will' to chose one of the many of these possibilities. Only through making some sort of personal choice, through the thought
process, about some event does this future event become actualized. As we put our thoughts into action, we collapse the wave
length of our personal universe, bringing  our personal choice into the existence of the "Now".  
*This actualization of what we
experience as a 'now' is a personal experience. Another person's of 'now' cannot be the same as yours.

Einstein's world was 3-dimensional, with the relativity of Time falling into the 4th dimension. Today's science has now given us the
String  or 'M' Theory. M standing for Matrix, Mystery and Magic. One of the most remarkable predictions of this Theory is that
Space/Time has 10 dimensions or more! Although we obviously only have ,on this physical realm , 3 dimension, the others do exist
curled up and wrapped so tightly we are unaware of their existence. These dimensions are wrapped up with six circles. All existing
with one, like islands on the same planet. Within our 10 plus dimensional world we find strange objects called branes, consisting of
strings (1-dimensional ) and membranes (2-dimensional). They can fold and curl into any number of bewildering shapes
representing the fundamental structures in our universe. The String Theorists are just now on the exciting frontier of dimensional
possibilities. What lies ahead is anyone's guess!

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This Poem was written by a friend of
mine in remembrance of my father. He  
taught me to see  the magic in  life and  
to believe in my dreams
Living in the Light...Believe in the Magic
Mary Sutherland  
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On My Fathers's Knee

On my father's knee, I learned of white horses;
How to ride, call them, speak their language
And travel to cities in the clouds.

In places unknown, I would dine with kings
Dressed in Ermine and Velvet.
I wold eat off golden plates,
Laugh in the halls of castles.

Ride home in a carriage
That shown as bright
As a diamond beneath the day star.

Often I would hold these tales in a box
Guarded by a dog
Whose eyes were wide with wonder.
My treasure, my magic, all at my fingertips.

Now there are keys of plastic.
My purse has heard the word depletion.
My coat is wool, my castle of brick.
I still know laugher, but I am too big
To sit upon my father's knee.

But all is not lost.
In his eyes magic sparkles still.
For each time he looks at me,
He sees a princess.
And each time I think of him,
I see the knight of my childhood,
My champion of dreams.
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