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Magic Mirrors
Magic Mirrors - They enabled, it was said, to see the present, the past and the future.
There is a great variety of these mirror and are of great antiquity.

St. Augustine (in De Civitate Dei, Ch. VII, 35) says that they were used by the witches of Thessaly who wrote their oracles on them in
human blood.

Varron claims that they are of Persian origin, the Magi having used them for a method of divination called Catoptromancy. Spartianus
says that Didius Julianus used them to know the result of the battle which Tullius Crispinius fought with Septirnus Severus, his rival for
the Throne.

The persons who, in Rome, read these mirrors were called Specularii.

In the East these instruments were called Stellar Mirrors. Pica della Mirandola had faith in them, provided they were made under a
favorable constellation, and that they should only be consulted when one felt comfortably warm, for the cold harms the lucidity of their
oracle. Reinaud speaks of them in his Description of the Blacas Cabinet. He adds that the operators perfume them, fast for seven days
before using them, and recite sacramental prayers at the moment of consulting them. The Chinese and the Hindus made theirs of metal,
concave or convex.

Muratori tells us of a Bishop of Verona who was put to death because under his pillow a magic mirror was found bearing on the reverse the
word flore which means flower, and proves collaboration with the devil, since, according to St. Cyprian, Satan sometimes appeared in
the shape of a flower. A mirror of this kind was also found in the house of Calas de Rienzi. Catherine de Medici had one.

The shape of these mirrors was, as we have said, very varied. Some bore the name of their inventor (Cagliostro, Swedenborg, etc.) More
recently they have been used to fix the eye of clairvoyants or mediums so as to put them into a state of hypnosis.

Cahagnet, in his Magnetic Magic, quotes the principal mirrors as follows :-

The Theurgic Mirror - a bottle of clear water looked at by a child and in which the Archangel Gabriel replies by pictures to his

The Mirror of the Sorcerers - any kind of mirror or pail of water.

The country sorcerer, standing near the consultant, recites a spell and shows him the reflection of the picture wanted.

The Mirror of Cagliostro - the bottle of clear water is on a piece of furniture, and before it a child, on whose head the operator
places one hand and tells him the questions to ask, to which replies are given in allegorical pictures.

The Mirror of du Polet - a piece of cardboard having pasted on one side a sheet of tin and on the other a piece of black cloth. The
operator magnetizes it strongly and places it a foot away from the eye of the consultant who, having fixed his eyes on it, soon sees in
it the desired object.

The Swedenborgian Mirror - a paste of graphite mixed with olive oil is poured on an ordinary mirror and allowed to dry for a few days.
The consultant, whose image must not be reflected (he stands at some distance for this reason) looks into it, whilst the operator stares
magnetically at the back of his head, and vision takes place.

The Magnetic Mirror - a round crystal globe filled with magnetized water at which the consultant looks carefully until the desired
vision appears.

The Narcotic Mirror - similar globe but a narcotic powder made of belladonna, henbane, mandragora, hemp, poppy, etc., is dissolved in
the water.

The Galvanic Mirror - it is made of two discs, one of copper and concave, the other of zinc and convex, both magnetized nine times in
nine days. The center of the concave is looked at.

Cabalistic Mirrors - there are seven, being seven globes each representing one of the seven planets of Astrology, made of the
corresponding metal and consulted on the appropriate astrological day. They are:- The globe of the Sun, made of gold and consulted on
Sundays as to superior beings and the great persons of the earth.

The globe of Mercury, made of a glass globe filled with mercury and consulted on Wednesdays as to questions of money.

The globe of Jupiter, made of tin and consulted on Thursdays as to the probability of success and as to the devotion of domestics.
The globe of Mars, made of iron and consulted on Tuesdays as to quarrels, lawsuits, enmities.

The globe of Venus, made of copper and consulted on Fridays as to questions of love.

The globe of Saturn, made of lead and consulted on Saturdays as to secrets, lost articles, etc.

The globe of the Moon, made of silver and consulted on Mondays as to
dreams and plans.
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Date:  Tue Nov 5, 2002  3:13 pm
Subject:  Re: [ancientmysteriesms] Mirrors
Your post concering an opposite & mirrored world is similer to one my fixed ideas ( sticums ) that our lives here in this world & demension in
years move forward  in time. When our bodies die we are born in another opposite world & demension where everything works opposite of
how it works here. whereas the years count down instead of up, only having to die again to again to be reborn here to begin another round
forward. The absolute , say 1 & 100 are unexcapable & all beings bound by it. What a gastly idea!
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Date:  Thu Nov 21, 2002  7:13 pm
Subject:  Mirrors and Lilith

Here is a site i found contecting mirrors to Lilith.

The wife brought the mirror and all of the fine furnishings in the cellar to her own home and proudly displayed it. She hung the mirror
in the room of their daughter, who was a dark-haired coquette. The girl glanced at herself in the mirror all the time, and in this way
she was drawn into Lilith's web.... For that mirror had hung in the the den of demons, and a daughter of Lilith had made her home there.
And when the mirror was taken from the haunted house, the demoness came with it. For every mirror is a gateway to the Other World and
leads directly to Lilith's cave. That is the cave Lilith went to when she abandoned Adam and the Garden of Eden for all time, the cave
where she sported with her demon lovers. From these unions multitudes of demons were born, who flocked from that cave and infiltrated the
world. And when they want to return, they simply enter the nearest mirror. That is why it is said that Lilith makes her home in every

Here is the home site to "Lilith" were i got the above.

From: "Mary " <sutherla2001@y...>

Remember that movie Amityville Horror. They thought they had exorcised the demon out of the house, but the demon had went into the
mirror and when the mirror was taken into another home, it was able to continue with it's horrors.
I believe there is an underlying truth to many myths. Maybe not so much the demon. I think the demon could be concocted from
superstitions, but ahh, what about the passage way to another dimension. Now that I can actually see as a possible truth.
Well Iam going into that link now and read it.
Thanks again dear friend.
Another great job. Iam as fascinated as ever in getting to the truth behind the mirror theme. One of these days.........
From:  deby <icette4u@y...>
Date:  Fri Nov 22, 2002  9:14 am
Subject:  Re: [ancientmysteriesms] Re: Mirrors and Lilith

Or maybe a means of travel for the souls of the Niphilim..Niphilin ...ilin...Lilin.  See now i am right back to Watchers and Giants!
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I have the theory on left handed people being that they weren't meant for this side of the world. That there is a side which is opposite of
ours and the mirror may be a portal to that side. If we have an opposite, then it stands to reason 'for me' that right handed people
are in this world and there is a parallel world with left handed people. It is just a very strange theory of mine, and I am in most
likelyhood wrong on it, but by throwing out the possibility it may lead me to the clue on am looking for on left handed people.
Sometimes we just need to throw it in the wind and see which direction it takes us...smiles   Mary

Well, my theory is so way off field . Basically it is how I originally explained it. I have nothing to base it on except
a 'feeling'. It all goes back to my left handed son. One day, months ago, he sat down and explained to me exactly how left handed people
felt, seen things, and had to learn to adapt their ways to fit in a right handed world. He wrote something very quickly for me to read
and told me that what he wrote is how he actually seen things and wanted to write it, but in order for the world to be able to
understand him he had to write it according to their vision. He then took the writing on the paper and put it up to the mirror. To my
amazement It was perfectly readable. My son was an A student all the way school so as you see he easily adapted to us, but it would be
extremely difficult for me adapt to how he sees or writes. It was at that time, this feeling came over me about the parallel world of
opposites and sometimes right and left people ended up in the opposite parallel. If you have ever observed left handed people, they
all adjust to the extreme difficulties of the right handed world without ever letting many of us in on their left handed observations.
Oh well, like I said, I have nothing to base my theory on. But every since I realized this about my son, I keep searching for an answer to
the left handed phenomenon.
Have a nice day
From:  spicer885@a...
Date:  Mon Nov 11, 2002  7:03 pm
Your are right about how your son explained his feelings. Being a natural left-hander, I also felt the way your son does. I can write
backwards, upside down and sideways, with no extra effort. I learned to sew and knit ,by sitting in front of my mother and watching her do
things. I have learned how to do a lot of things backwards and upside down (EXAM: scissors).  I do have the ability to do a lot of things, two
different ways, left and right handed. I also have to think ahead on a lot of petty things, like were to sit when I go out to eat. It is a right
handed world, and lefties are a minority, but it has prepared me for life. Like my career, women in engineering are very rare, but I put a few
cracks in that glass ceiling.

Tell your son, in a way he has an advantage, he has learned to be very adaptable in life and, in my opinion, that is a plus.
From:  "Burlington News" <burlingtonnews@y...>
Date:  Mon Nov 11, 2002  7:20 pm

Thanks Kathi,
I will relay the message to Bob.
You know all my life I lived with this child and never had the slightest idea what a special gift he had. It almost reminds me of
how many times people watched the apple fall from the tree before someone like Newton came along and pointed out the 'message behind
it'. After Bob had his talk with me, I now don't see the apple but try to comprehend the significance behind the left-handed world of
the apply and how and why's of the mechanics behind it. Iam totally convinced there is some universal speciality here with the left-
handers in our right-handed world. But I just can't put my finger on
what it is.

You are right, that day he showed me how easy it was for him to right backwards, upside down, etc. He did it just like I would be able to
right left to right. And he said this is how he sees his world too.

He has to study right handers to adjust, which he says 'normally' is just the opposite as to how he would like to do it.

I think the left handers actually have insight to another dimensional world, given the chance to be themselves and not having to adjust to
the right handed world. Geniuses in their own right. Being that you are left handed, imagine if you were allowed to act,
think, react,write,etc, in your natural mode without limits brought on by the right handed world. If you were allowed to be your true
left handed self, I wonder what your possibilites in the mystics would really reveal.
Iam very curious.
From:  "Burlington News" <burlingtonnews@y...>
Date:  Mon Nov 11, 2002  7:26 pm

As a left hander and going with the theory there is a parallel world of opposites,( which to me must exists because of the balance
theories), have you ever asked yourself why you were chosen to be born in a right handed world instead of the left handed parallel
world. what special gift does the left hander have to give us, because I believe there are no mistakes in this life and that left
handers have a special gift yet to be applied that we are not aware of. And this theory would work in the other parallel world as well
with the right handers being born into a left handed world. Mary
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