My name is Jody. I have a lump in my right testicle, pain & swelling
of the testes, difficult & frequent urination, depression, anxiety,
sleep disorder, & scars on my face. Please pray for my total healing.
Thank you & God bless you all.
Bless You Jody...Our Prayers Are There For You. Open Up and Receive Our Energies. Blessed Be. Mary  6/23/03

Mary, please pray for me and my life, I have no job, no money, I am desperately in need, please Mary I live a
miserable life. Lift up my head, heart and get myself back together with no fear. I have faith but nothing else.
God bless You all, Wanda
Wanda, Hold in there. We are all here for you and will work with you until you get over the hard times.
You have taken the first step by 'asking'. Remember 'Ask and you shall Receive' Second step is to 'believe'.
Watch for the miracles coming your way!  Blessed Be. Mary 6/23

please pray for my friend Rowland. He is in a lot of pain and anger, 6 months
sober and struggling very hard. He came from a place of great darkness and is
afraid of the Light
We will all come together in prayer for your friend. There is no greater healing gift than what you are already
doing for him. Unconditional Love. He is very lucky to have you by his side. Love will bring him to the light.
Blessed Be . Mary  6/23

Dear Mary...please keep Whitey on your prayer list for recovery from alcoholism and reunion with Nadine in
blessings to you...Emma
You are in our thoughts and our prayers..Blessed Be. Mary 6/24

Dear Mary

Your site was the first I clicked and I really liked what I read.  I have two prayer requests, firstly please pray for
my son Samuel, who suffers severely from asthma.  Please pray for his complete healing and wholeness.  My
second request is selfishly for myself.  I suffer from headaches and migraines a lot.  Please pray for my healing as
I thank you all in Jesus' Name.
God Bless Enid
You and Samuel  are in our thoughts and prayers...Blessed Be.  Mary 7/27

Please pray again for my friend Sobha
Yesterday she was admitted to the  hospital. She is now having colon problems.
That day  you  all prayed she  recovered . I  forgot to thank you all .Please forgive me for that.
Sobha is in our prayers dear sister...Blessed Be  Mary  7/29

Dear Healing Circle:

My niece is two-months old and has Down Syndrome.  She will have heart surgery on Tues. Aug. 4, 2003.  She was
born with 2 holes in her heart, followed by her arteries being crossed.  This like many operations is a very delicate
one.  If you could please pray for her recovery and place it in God's hands.  I will do my part as well.  I'm so
worried about her, but I do try to stay positive and keep my thoughts and faith in the light.

Thank you and God Bless
Elizabeth Dominguez

Your niece is in our prayers dear sister.  Blessed Be   Mary 8/01

I would like to ask for a prayer for Maria Casarrubias.  She has recently been diagnosed with brain and lung
cancer and has been told that she has only one month left to live--she is giving up on fighting and is letting the
disease reign.  Please pray for her to enter into remission, because this is a woman that absolutely does not
deserve to have any pain within her life.

Maria is in our prayers as well as yourself.
Blessed Be.
Mary  8/6

Thank you for this website.  I ask that you extend prayer for my ex-husband, Steve.  He is severely addicted to
prescription drugs and alcohol.  I was married to him for 14 years and we have two wonderful children.  We've
been divorced for 7 years now.

He has always been a "functioning alcoholic" until last year when he had surgery on his knee.  Prescription
medication was given to him for the pain, then more, then different kinds.  He started mixing it with alcohol.  He
stopped working, became reclusive, and ended up in the hospital twice, near death.  The first time, our son and
myself when to check on him, and found him in a pool of blood, psychotic and unrecognizable.  He spent a week in
the hospital, was released, and went back to his addictive lifestyle.  The second time he had a major seizure, and
again, our son was with him.  Again, released from the hospital, given more prescription drugs & he returned to
his dark life of pills and alcohol.  Steve is in a very, very dark place.

I've pleaded with is two brothers to help over six months ago.  Nothing has happened except phone calls and
dealing with it from a distance.  Steve needs long term care, both psychiatric and detour for a long time.  He is a
good man.  He is that father of my children.  PLEASE, PLEASE I ask you to send out prayer to help Steve get the
help he needs.  I ask that his brothers interact and admit him to a hospital in the right program.  I ask that our
son, Jason, be healed from the trauma he has experienced & that our daughter is able to cope.

I believe I was guided to this website.  I am hoping that the Prayer Circle will help Steve heal fully.  Thank you so

Steve is in our prayers dear sister well as your family.
Blessed Be.   Mary  8/10/03

I Lost my job several months ago, and due to the injury that I received while doing the job, know one wants to
hire me, ( both arm and wrist areas I wear upon braces, and walk with cane due to x 2 surgery, been a care giver
for 31 years, and this is all I know.) and many have stated that I am too disability to work and disability say I am
not disabled enough) still continue I do,
Because of the lack of work bills have pilled up , and many are trying to sue, we have nothing other than each
other , our home the bank will be taking due to the inability to work and to make the payments..
Now my children are starting school and shoes and clothes I have not the money to buy, I need Help so badly not
just for me but my children as well , they did nothing wrong , and prayer is done several times a day,Believe Yes I
do and always will .
God I need HELP.Please Help Us Please.
A Loving Mother
N~ina B
Hello. We are working on your problem now. Please get in touch with St. Vincent DePaul so they can help you get
on your feet by paying off some of your bills. In the meantime, know you are in our prayers.  Please get in touch
also with: Phone: (314) 664-5565.  Aldrich Methodist Church. 445 St Louis St Aldrich, MO 65601-9108 ...
For those that want to help Nina out with clothing contact us and we can give you their sizes and her address.
Blessed Be. Mary  8/11/03

I would like prayers to be sent for healing of Pat Wilson's cat Sarah who has just had some cancer removed from
her tongue.  Also healing and a job for Emmy Greil who has some neurological problems.  For my cousin Julie
Albertine who has MS.  For myself who is looking for a fulltime teaching job or any other lucrative opportunity.

Thank you so much.
Blessings to you.
Emily Dye

Thank you Emily. It pleases us to know that you also realize the importance of appreciating the life of all living
You are in our prayers.
Blessed Be. Mary 8/11/03


Please pray for the healing of Jim R.  - in his heart, and that his depression is lifted, that he feels happy, that he
finds a job he likes, and that his finances are blessed and much improved.

Please pray for me--that heart palpitations go away and not come back, and that my whole body be healed and
made strong and vibrant and perfectly functioning in all parts.

Also please pray that I will be very happy in my new apartment, have many friends and a well-paying job that I

Thank you and God bless you.
Adrienne R.

Jim is in our prayers as well as you Adrienne. Blessed Be.
Mary  9-14-03

Dear Mary,

My name is Kyle and I am unemployed. It has been 2 years now and my hope is fading. My faith is strong but the
realities of life, of my responsibilities are becoming overwhelming. On Thursday I had my first promising
interview in over a year. Please pray for my success. Thank you and may God Bless you and all of your prayer


You are in our prayers Kyle...Blessed Be.  Mary   9-14-03

Please lovingly place Matthew Jimenez and his family!!

Miranda Higgins who was driving when Matthew crossed in front of her car and was killed.
Pray also for Miranda's 2 children that witnessed the accident and all the school children that have been or will be
affected by this tragedy

They are in our prayers...Blessed Be. Mary 9-22-03

Ben B.: for healing of whatever he may need.

Michelle A.  help with her son Casey who is suffering from drug addiction and severe mental problems.

Debbie H. that she may release the fear and truly live in Spirit, Love, Light and Energy

they are in our Prayers...Blessed Be. Mary 9-22-03

My name is Jody Powell. I am a 33 yr. old male in Somerville, Alabama. I have severe health problems which have
plagued me for years now. I have daily pain, difficulty urinating, swelling of the testes, depression, fatigue,
anxiety, sleep disorders. These conditions have ruined my life, kept me from getting a job, & made me miserable
for years & there's no end in sight. I'm desperate. Please pray for my complete & permanent healing & well being
as soon as possible, & please ask others to do the same. Thank you so much & God bless you.

You are in our prayers. Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03


I am asking for a prayer request for a man that I love, Stacy. He needs  inner peace, confidence, and the courage
to walk and live his highest path and a life that he wants to live and not what others guilt him into. Also, if it is for
the good of all concerned, I ask in prayer that Stacy and I come together in a healthy, loving, committed
relationship. Thank you kindly.

Love, Sheri

You are in our prayers. Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03

Please pray for:

* my health and body(slim, attractive, functioning perfectly in every way)
* healing of my relationship with Shane
* total peace of mind, BLISS- no matter what is happening in my life

Thank you and God bless you!  Glen

You are in our prayers. Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03


I found this site by accident but I thought why not, I believe in the power of prayer and everyone deserves a
second chance and an opportunity to be prayed for.

My request is for you to pray for my dear estranged boyfriend of 3 1/2 years.  I would like you to pray for him to
find out what it is that will make him happy in this life and to return to me with a clear head and a commitment to
live our lives together as husband and wife.  He is a very tortured and confused man, but he has a place in my
soul.  Thank you for all your help.  Please pray for him and us. Life is to short. Danielle

You are both in our prayers. Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03

Pray for me. I want to get back my faith in theLord. I find it hard to pray  and read the word of God. Ii still love
the Lord and I just want two get back to where i was.before I got married. My husband say he dose not want to go
back to church. I feel sad because that is where we met. But no matter what ..I want two live for God. and put my
husband in his hands.
Thank you. God Bless. Char

Hi Char...You are in our prayers..Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03

please pray for my uncle and aunt who just lost thier son Alex , age 15.. suddenly to an unkown heart problem.
Tina and Stanlely need prayer for strength  in healing and support from family and friends.
Please pray thatAlex is well in the after life and that him and my grandfather are enjoying being together.
Please also pray that I am less confused about life and my reason for being here.
Thank you all so much
peace and blessings, Danielle.

You are all in our prayers...Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03


Our Prayers are with you all. Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03

Hello, I need a prayer for my unborn Niece that has been diagnose with Down Syndrome
Please help us through this difficult time.
Please pray for my sister and her pain
Thank You..Alice
You are all in our prayers. Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03

Would you please pray for myself and my partner in life kandy to be reconciled in our love and respect of each
other.Please ask that the families and friends will believe that our souls are meant to be joined.Please have Kandy
and I be close to the father.This I pray in the name of Our Wonderful Loving God,The Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ, and the Holy Spirit who sits at the right hand of God and lives on in us all.Thank you and bless you.

You are all in our Prayers..Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03

I am in nead of a prayer and would like your help.  Due to some financial trouble.  High medical bills and other
bills I am drowning in deblt.  I have tried credit counciling with out help.  I don't know what to do and dread
bankrubtsy... I ask for a prayer to help me out of this mess and help me to start moving forward again.  I want
this for my family especially for my son Richard... Thank, Lisa

You are in our Prayers. Hang in there..Life is bio-rhythum! Have Faith in this..Blessed Be. Mary 10-15-03

Ineed prayer for my husband was out of work for 2 months and we have gotten really behind on
bills,we are about to l;oose our home and everything,we have no food.also please pray for my sister that her ex
husband does not get custody of her 2 sons.I know that God is the only one that can get us thru these trying
times.thank you J.

You are all in our prayers. Blessed Be.  Mary  11-20-03

My prayer request is for my son Bryan. He is 24 years old an a alcoholic. I
am so afraid that he is going to hurt himself and someone else. He has
attacked me in his rage and I am so afraid. He is destroying his life. He is
a college student and has great faith in God.He is such a gifted artist.
Please pray for him that the Lord will turn him away from alcohol and
restore his self-respect and love for himself. His self-esteem is so very low. My heart breaks for his sadness.
God Bless everyone who has prayed for my son,
Heartsick Mom

You are in our Prayers. As a mother, my heart goes out to you. Special prayers sent that he is soon healed and
stays safe in the meantime.   Blessed Be. Mary  11-20-03

Hello my name is Yolanda, I would first like to leave a prayer for my family. For my partner his name is Jimmy. I
would like for his life to be filled with joy and prosperity. for his every days to be fulfilled and for him to be
surround around love at all times. let his dreams take flight and find there way into love.
let him find oneness within himself, love himself,trust himself and evolve. let him carry light inside his body and
live his light.
I would like the same thing for my daughter as well her name is Amanda. I love her so much she is nine years
old. and my two son's Logan who is nine months old and Adalberto (Tito) for short he is seven years old.

Please pray for my sister who lives in N.Y. I know she misses us all since we have moved but she is very depressed
and needs to find balance and love in her life she is very disruptive with her life and worries us all. I love her and
miss her so much. I know I might not have been the best sister and have done many things wrong and hurt many
people who have loved me but I would like to put that behind me and change my life dramatically and work to heal
and help others.

I would like to be prayed for. I have many dreams and intents. I would love to know psychometry and psychic
touch. I would love to to be a messenger, and channel. I want to attract a high level guide to myself. find oneness
with myself love myself trust myself and evolve.
I intend to carry light inside my body and live my light.
let there be peace in my soul and my mind and let me find love,joy and balance everyday of my life.

Let the Earth fall in my hands let it spin and evolve. for my hands will nurture and cure the diseases that so many
of us still do not know of.
If I had the power I would make peace with all of the universes glorious beings and all of it's creation and let it be
known that I to am part of the creator.

So bless it be.

Blessed Be Back..You touch me as a person already so blessed.  Let your light spread to others. Mary  11-20-03

Dear Friends,
I request prayers for my daughters, Andrea, & Angela and my grandchildren: Jonathen, Justin, Christopher and
Brittany. My request is that each of them are guided to positive choices, with clear vision and wisdom and with
protection from negative influences,  toward prosperity love and peace.
My request for me is that I soon recive the same and the chance to work with Oprah Winfrey.
thank you,
ps I read some of Mary's book on line and I thank God for her work.

Yes, A  Mother's Request for her Family..It really touches me. Blessed Be Dearest Sister. You and your family
are very much in our prayers. Mary 12-11-03

Dear Mary, You are the first one I am asking for personal spiritual help & for good reason. I have & do pray for
myself & others and I have & do ask for prayer assistance yet your invitation prompted me to write this:
Considerations: I am of sound mind and have been following my spiritual path endlessly usually solitary with
requested prayer assistance. Facts: I've always known I would meet my "twinflame" after 50 & after 50 I
intensely persued, through private & requested prayer assistance, our union. Challenge: I did meet him and in
many ways we are truly the same. Challenge: he is my exact opposite! He is involved in a cult, and recruits,
thinking he is doing God's Will - he suffers severe schitzophrenia resulting in anger, hate, resentment & revenge
for not only serious child & adult abuse but the loss of a wife and 4 month old baby killed by an intoxicated driver.
He blames God, the world and so on . . . One of his Godly personalities has wept like a child pleading for help but
the other unGodly personalities prevail . . . upon removing myself and my children from this situation I feel that
whatever help God sends through me for him I must persue. Therefore, my name is Janet in NYS, and his
name is "--------------- now in NM. I have already sent requests for others prayer support, but as I said, this is the
first time I am laying it out, so to speak.
Much love and thanks and deep gratitude for your assistance

Our Thoughts and prayers are with you . Mary  1-03-04

Please pray for me. I'm tired worn out and see no future, no hope, nothing. Maybe tomorrow will be better, think
happy thoughts and hang on one more day is what keep me going for quite a while. Cant do that anymore. I need
change, I need help, a reason to wake up in the morning. Does prayer really do anything? Is there really a "God"
who cares? Many differrent faiths seem to agree on one point. The omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God
almighty of the endless excuse. Prayer and God can help, but but but but but..........and on and on. Dont want to
overload you with my problems, I'll leave it at that Thank you.

Please read my book. I think it will help.
There is so much greatness in you..unfortunately you have to pull yourself out of the yoke of darkness first.
Blessed Be. Mary  1-03-04

Thank you for the prayers.  She came through the surgery through God's healing miracle and the many prayers
said on her behalf.  Please continue to pray for her recovery as she is still in ICU.  Susan

Your sister remains in our prayers...Blessed Be. Mary

We are trying for our second baby for 1 year.My Dr diagonised that  I have polyps in my uterus which is making it
difficult to concieve.If I'm not pregnant this month then I have to take birth control  pills which I've never taken
in my life for 2 months and on february they will do a surgery in february.Please pray for a miracle and I will be
pregnant this month.Please pray for my husband and daughter. Thankyou for praying for us.

You are in our prayers dear sister...Blessed Be. Mary  1-03-04

Dear Mary,
Thank you so much for your response to my prayer request. I was happy and surprised to actually get a reply from
you Mary! WOW! It meant a lot to me that you sent a personal reply and not an automated copy of a reply.

I want to say that your work is a true blessing and a wonder. Wisdom is available if we simply open our hearts to
receive it. You have opened your heart and received great wisdom and sheared it with the world. I have not yet
purchased the book so I have not read it in it's entirety, but what I have read on of your web site is enlightening
and gives great guidance for any seeker of truth. Blessed Be, Ardena

Blessed Be right back to you dear Sister..You are in our prayers. Mary  1-03-04

Hi my name is Tanya .I am coming to you today to say that I am so depressed I feel like God hates me I feel like
he doesn't believe me when I say that I am sorry for my sins. I want a relationship with him I want to always trust
in him. I don't know what else to do I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder which is severe it makes me have
uncontrollable thoughts that are mean I feel like this isn't being healed because I am mean. I want to feel better I
want God to know that I am sorry and that I love him Please pray that I may feel Gods presence and know that he
believes me when I say that I am not ashamed of him. Please eamil me back I need to hear from someone Thank
You Very Much

Blessed Be dear sister. No God does not hate you..I promise you that. I would like for you to contact me so that we
can talk. Iam ALWAYS available to talk to!  Mary 1-03-04
Please read my preview chapters of my book , Living in the Light,

The closest person in my life, a spirit who needs healing and a body who  is struggling to heal.  Terry is only 60 last
year and two weeks after his birthday he had a heart attack, about 3 months later had another.  Last Friday he
underwent a heart procedure to close a hole in his heart, Tuesday another procedure to open the stints which had
scar tissue grown into them, now Wednesday, he is in ICU possibly facing by-pass surgery and he is an insulin
dependent diabetic.  We met 4 years ago and have been inseparable since.  I love this person like I never knew
possible and if it is God's will, I understand.  Thank you kindly.... Debbie

Bless you dear sister and we all pray that you and Terry be given the strength you need to get through these times
of trial.  Blessed it be...Mary  1-03-04

I need financial Help desperately I need a miracle with my finances. I lost my job, have spent my 401k then I had
also went back to my ex husband because he said that he found the lord but his actions don't speak that way.  I am
a christian and I am always helping out others in anyway that I can.. I have prayed and do know that I god does
give us what we need, now i am getting scared, I cannot leave and I have not one penny to my name.  My father
died 5 months ago and he was my emergency source but he is gone.  I am so scared, and I am starting to get
depressed I don't want to lose my condo, car and integrity.
God Bless you C.C.P.
Although we can't help you financially, we can pray that you are given the strength to over come this crisis in your
life and the light of wisdom to guide you on your path.  The Strength you seek is within dear friend.
Blessed Be.   Mary  1-03-04

My husband has been going through a difficult time finding a good job.  We have twins on the way and my prayer
request is that he find a job that makes him happy and where they treat him with the respect that he deserves. My
husbands name is Jay . With love, Betty C
You are all in our prayers.. Blessed Be. Mary 1-14-03

I am a 25 year old female in need of prayer.  I seems I have lost faith.  I have been sober 2 years, I have created a
child that is nearly 2 years old.  I have a loving husband who knows nothing about God, but still there is a missing
part of my life, and I believe that it is the Lord I have been missing.  Please help me pray, help me regain
tranquility into my life.  Pray for my husband to find the Lord.  I feel that I have overcome several huge obstacles
in my lifetime...but where do I go from here? Jenny

Dear Sister..You are experiencing the awakening process.  Go to the search engine and type in 'ascention'
We will be here for you and will pray for courage for your new life unfolding.  Blessed Be. Mary


Our Prayers are with you all...Blessed Be.  Mary

know this is a little out of the norm, but my best friend for the past 12 yrs. needs help. I pray quite often and I
believe in God, so here is my request. I need prays for my pet Marley who is a dog with a bad hart. I just want God
to look over him and if it is in his power to help him. Thank You. Lou

This is not out of the norm at all. Life is precious whether it be the life of a human or animal..or for that matter
plant.  Marley is in our prayers..Blessed Be,. Mary

Please Pray for me that I find a flat.
Blessed Be. Mary

Dear Mary,
Would you please pray for healing and an opening of his heart to let in the love of his family for Ed Ng who has
been told he has 3 months to live due to intestinal cancer. He is unable to absorb food or fluid because the large
intestine is block off.
Please also add his wife Cheryl and daughter Tracy (17) to your prayers. They both need strength for now and the
future, opening of their hearts to receive support from other people and healing of their deep pain during this
passage.Thank you for putting them in your prayers, as do I. Nekai
You are all in our prayers...Blessed Be.

Hello.  My name is Michelle and I am asking for a prayer for myself.  I am asking for help to release my internal
fears that are keeping me from moving towards my path in life.   Thank you.
You are in our prayers Dear Sister.  Blessed Be. Mary

My Mother  Mira has been diagnosed with Congestive Heart failure as a result of chemotherapy for breast cancer.  
She is begining to give up hope it seems and I am so worried about her and my Father.  He is on his first full year
of retirement and they have spent so many years helping others and doing without.  Please pray for my Mother
and Father.  Thank you all so much.
You are all put in our prayers. Blessed Be. Mary

Ask for a prayer of healing for Karen Hunter who is critically ill with sickle cell anemia and has also suffered a
stroke and is now fighting pneaumonia.
I ask for healing of her illness in faith and know that it will be done.
Karen is in our prayers.  Blessed Be. Mary

I ask that you and all of your prayer partners, pray to GOD in Jesus' name that I am healed of hypertension
and any related cardio/pulmonary or other illnesses. I ask for this healing so that I may carry out my mission in
life which is to witness and teach GODS' work. I am healed in name of JESUS.   Amen I will pray for all of you as
You are in our prayers...Blessed Be. Mary

Olease pray that i am pregant and the baby in my uterus  and its healthy and i'm healed from aids hepertits c
You are in our prayers dear sister. Blessed Be.  Mary

dear Mary this evening i received a call from my mom. my father has been in an accident and may lose his arm.
my father has worked hard all his life and for him to lose his arm would be tragic! i am writing to you in the hopes
that if enough people prayed for him he would not lose his arm! thank you so very much Christe Ann Mitchell
(William Blosser) Is my fathers name!
You are in our prayers ..Blessed Be. Mary

Mary,       I am a 25 year old female in need of prayer.  I seems I have lost faith.  I have been sober 2 years, I
have created a child that is nearly 2 years old.  I have a loving husband who knows nothing about God, but still
there is a missing part of my life, and I believe that it is the Lord I have been missing.  Please help me pray, help
me regain tranquility into my life.  Pray for my husband to find the Lord.  I feel that I have overcome several
huge obstacles in my lifetime...but where do I go from here
You are both in our prayers..Blessed Be. Mary

Please pray for the healing of my finances, either through a better paying job or a windfall comming from God
himself.  Some kind of blessing is needed in my life.  I present this petition believing  in His promise to take care
of my needs
You are in our prayers.. Blessed Be. Mary

My husband has been going through a difficult time finding a good job.  We have twins on the way and my prayer
request is that he find a job that makes him happy and where they treat him with the respect that he deserves. My
husbands name is J. C With love, Betty
You are both in our prayers.  Blessed Be. Mary

Hello my name is Cindy please please pray that my children and I receive a miracle.  And I would also like to ask
for your prayers for my husband Paul to get a job offer very soon.  Thank you and God Bless

You are in our prayers... Blessed Be. Mary

Hi Mary,
I am praying that my daughter Melanie and her husband Mark quickly return to the loving relationship that they
once had. Please join me in that prayer.Donna M

You are all in our prayers. Blessed Be. Mary
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