"Raggedy Ann & Andy are
true, red-white-and-blue
American icons. This sister
and brother team represent
friendship, compassion,
generosity and good, old
fashioned fun."

"With her red yarn
hair, shoe-button
eyes and 'I Love
You' heart, Raggedy
Ann ranks as the
third most favorite
doll of all time

In fact, Raggedy
Ann & Andy are
two of the most
enduring and
popular characters
among mothers of
children ages 2 - 5

. Instant heirlooms
from the moment
they enter a child's
life, no other doll
holds a candle to
Raggedy Ann &
Raggedy Ann and her brother Andy .  Andy and Ann has red-yarn hair, button eyes
and triangle nose. Order them for a child or as a collector's item.

Johnny Gruelle, creator of the Raggedy Ann doll for his daughter Marcella, was so
stricken by grief upon her death in her early teens, that he created a brother for the
famed Raggedy Ann doll and named him Andy. Andy is also featured in several
magical tales that take children to his make-believe land of wishing sticks and adults
back to the memories of this cuddly toy.
Above Dolls are by Hasbro, 1997. These exquisite 'holiday dreamland' versions of
Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy celebrate the enduring popularity of these classic

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