Some of the kids like to dress
up to come to the cafe
Kids like this make my whole day!
Beaming John up in our Sci-Fi Transporter
Candy's Kenosha Paranormal Group
Taken outside Cafe during Oct.
Peter Moon and Zola having a
friendly chat in Cafe
Frank and Laura Joseph
Phyllis Galde (Fate
Stanton Friedman, Heidi
Hollis and Don Schmitt
Sci-Fi Cafe Friends  Cafe is now closed and in the process of re-location
Sci-Fi Friends - Page One
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My Passion is Fairies and
Indian Fry Bread!
Richard and his wife finally get to
visit Brad and Mary at the Sci-Fi Cafe
John using Reiki on Connie.
Afraid of Little Girls in the Woods that
go "BOO"
My passion is "Hot fudge sundaes
over some good conspiracy
Jennifer teaches at the John Hopkins
Institute. She got some great photos while
here at the Sci-Fi Cafe
Connie doing "angelic healing" at my
"devilish husband Brad"  at the Sci-Fi
Cafe. John sitting in the background
We're from Burlington and we "LOVE"
the Sci-Fi Cafe!