The Sci-Fi Cafe  
Welcome to The Sci-Fi Cafe. Watch this page
as we add photos of friends that have
stopped in to the visit the Sci-Fi Cafe
Here in our Photo Album we will try to give you a
brief overview of our Sci-Fi Cafe where friends
come to visit and share their wonderful stories
on science fiction movies they have watched,  
express their theories on UFOs and the
Paranormal, Laws of Attraction, Underground
Tunnels, Ancient Races, Cryptozoology,
alternate lifestyles, religions and health care.
You will find others in photos coming to the
cafe simply to get something to eat or drink and
watch one of our free movies or documentaries
shown on a large screen in our theater room.
Others have come here to shop in our quaint
little gift shoppe that features everything from
homemade bath and beauty products, trolls,
dolls to - ufo, paranormal and metaphysical
items, including incense, crystals, tarot cards.
herbs and pendulums.  

Try our Homemade Chocolate Alien Suckers
May 18, 2009  
Sci-Fi Cafe Friends  Cafe is now closed and in the process of re-location
Brad and Mary Sutherland
248 Carver Street
Winslow, Illinois 61089
815 367 1006