Frank Joseph
is the editor in chief of Ancient American magazine and author of:

  • The Atlantis Encyclopedia by Frank Joseph and Brad Steiger
  • Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America: Lost History And Legends, Unearthed And Explored by Frank Joseph and Zecharia Sitchin
  • Sacred Sites: A Guide to Sacred Centers and Mysterious Places in the United States and Canada
  • Sacred Sites: A Guidebook to Sacred Centers & Mysterious Places in the United States
  • Sacred Sites of the West: A Guide to Mystical Centers
  • Survivors Of Atlantis: Their Impact on the World
  • Synchronicity and You Understanding the Role of Meaningful Coincidence in Your Life
  • There Are No Coincidences: Synchronicity As the Modern-day Mystical Experience
  • Opening the Ark of the Covenant: The Secret Power of the Ancients, the Knights Templar Connection, And the Search for the Holy Grail by Frank Joseph and Laura Beaudoin
  • Edgar Cayce's Atlantis and Lemuria;The Lost Civilizations in the Light of Modern Discoveries
  • The Lost Treasure of King Juba ; The Evidence of Africans in America before Columbus
  • The Destruction of Atlantis ; Compelling Evidence of the Sudden Fall of the Legendary Civilization
  • Survivors of Atlantis ; Their Impact on World Culture
  • The Lost Civilization of Lemuria; The Rise and Fall of the World’s Oldest Culture
  • Lost Pyramids of Rock Lake; Joseph takes you on a riveting underwater adventure as he shares his research on the pre-Columbian stone structures beneath the surface of Rock Lake.
    Was this mysterious sunken city related to nearby Aztalan, to the Aztecs, Atlantis? And what about Rocky, the lake monster, often seen by terrified boaters?
  • Atlantis in Wisconsin; Long before the Vikings landed on the North American continent, there was an ancient civilization in Wisconsin. Frank Joseph writes a compelling archaeological
    history about his lost Bronze Age culture found beneath the depths of Rock Lake -- a culture which the evidence suggests had a lively copper trade with the lost continent of Atlantis

Ancient Wisconsin - Introducing Frank Joseph
Ancient Wisconsin Seminar and Archeological Expedition
Frank Joseph  in Burlington Wisconsin
October 30th - Nov 1st   2009
Ancient Wisconsin Seminar and
Archeological Expedition

Speaking on:

  • Underwater Pyramids of Rock
    Lake Wisconsin  - (Saturday )

  • Atlantis in Wisconsin - (Sunday)

815 367 1006

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