Peter Moon
Author of:

  • The Montauk Book of the Living
  • The Spandau Mystery
  • Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal   
  • Montauk Book of the Dead
  • The Brookhaven Connection  co-authored with Wade Gordon
  • The Philadelphia Experiment Murder: Parallel Universes and the Physics of Insanity  
  • Montauk: The Alien Connection by Stewart Swerdlow and edited by Peter Moon
  • Ong's Hat: The Beginning co-authored with  Joseph Matheny
  • Black Sun: Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection co-authored with  Preston B. Nichols
  • Encounter in the Pleiades: An Inside Look at UFOs  co-authored with Preston B Nichols
  • Pyramids of Montauk: Explorations in Consciousness co-authored with  P. Nichols
  • Montauk Revisited: Adventures in Synchronicity co-authored with  Preston B Nichols
  • The Montauk Project: Experiment in Time co-authored with Preston B Nichols

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Ancient Wisconsin - Introducing Peter Moon
Ancient Wisconsin Seminar and Archeological Expedition
    Peter Moon in Burlington
    June 20th and 21st  2009
    Ancient Wisconsin Seminar and
    Archeological Expedition

    Speaking on:

  • The Mormon and Ancient  Mound
    Builders Connection  (Saturday)

  • The Mysterious Connection of the
    Montauk Pharaohs to Burlington
    Wisconsin  (Sunday)

815 367 1006

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