Ancient Wisconsin Seminar and Archeological Expedition 2008 - FRANK JOSEPH SACRED SITES OF BURLINGTON WI
Ancient Wisconsin

EXPEDITION GUIDES: Frank Joseph, Peter Moon and Mary Sutherland

Frank Joseph explaining to guests about a now forgotten people archeologists refer to as 'The Adena People'.
These photos were taken at the Sacred Circle of Burlington showing the Adena Rock Mounds in the background. Brad and Mary Sutherland discovered these rock mounds approximately 8
years ago. Joseph discusses the Shamanic energies that guard this land and points out that Sutherland's Rock Mounds found here at the sacred site may date to approximately 3,000 years
old!  He estimates that the rock mound in the background may have been originally 6-10 feet in height and 30-40 feet in length, covered by plaster made from ground shells. He also connects
these people to the people of Rock Lake where over 1100 ancient structures have been found under its waters...including pyramids that predate the pyramids of Egypt.

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