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These magical troll dolls bring happiness and magic into your life!
Make a wish by rubbing their tummy and stroking their hair!
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Dam troll doll  Clown troll in
purple and blue clown suit mint
green hair blushing cheeks 6
inches $12.99
Dam troll doll  in clown
outfit green hair 6 inches
DAM TROLL DOLL wearing shirt
reading 86 Superstar 6 inches
Orange Hair 12.99
DAM TROLL DOLL wearing red
suit and black belt 6 inches red
hair  12.99
DAM TROLL CLOWN dressed in clown
suit and hat pink hair 6 inches 12.99
DAM TROLL GIRL in blue sun
dress with star tattoo on palm of
hand blue hair 6 inches 13.99
with heart tattoo on inside palm
of hand blue hair 6 inches 13.99